Ex Sanguine #1 © Dark Horse Comics

We’ve a whole lotta love for Tim Seeley on this website, from Loaded Bible to Hack/Slash and more recently the excellent Revival, a rural noir or to quote ourselves from the Image Comics press release “an understated psychological and supernatural horror, with genuine humour”. Therefore the opportunity to review Ex Sanguine #1, which he writes with Josh Emmons and provides art for, had us salivating.

Described as a hard-hitting psychological horror, at the interface of Buffy, Angel and Natural Born Killers, Ex Sanguine is Seeley’s “take on the vampire-romance genre, but instead of being full of longing and anguished staring, it’s full of brutal flirtations between two savage predators, one a vampire, one a serial killer”. Albeit a bored vampire, that is until he’s rejuvenated by the work of the Sanguine Killer, who lands him in trouble with the FBI.

The first issue combines classic horror, thriller and crime drama elements with a twist and a classic first issue cliff hanger. Seeley’s art is as good as his writing. The co-authored script with Emmons captures Saul Adam’s disaffection perfectly.

Ex Sanguine is anything but anaemic. It’s a horror, with bite. Check out our 3 page preview below.

Ex Sanguine is published by Dark Horse Comics and will be released October 17th, 2012.

All images courtesy of © Dark Horse Comics.

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