Tonight Season 3 of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead premiered on AMC and Holy Shit  as the inmate says at the end of the episode. I think that about sums it up nicely. For those of you who haven’t seen the episode yet you may not want to read further. I can’t avoid a few spoilers. Sorry. You can skip down to the end and check out the trailer and episode photos though. 🙂

If you remember the survivors had to flee Herschel’s farm as it was overrun with a horde of walkers. In the melee we lost Patricia and Jimmy. May they rest in peace. Andrea was also separated from the rest of the group, but saved by the mysterious (and might I say awesome) Michonne. Our survivors sans Andrea reunite on the highway to regroup and move on, though they are running out of gas. They pull over and sleep in some ruins and Rick confesses to Lori and the group he killed Shane. It’s not like he didn’t have a reason to, Shane was going to kill him after all. But everyone is asking themselves how did Randall and Shane both come back as walkers when they weren’t bitten. Rick further confesses that Dr. Edwin Jenner told him that everyone was infected, but he said nothing as he hadn’t believed Jenner until now.

Season 3 picks up after winter which saddens me. I kind of wanted to see them battle zombies in snow. Does Georgia get snow? I’m in Minnesota we get TONS of snow. We find a very pregnant Lori and a very hungry group of survivors. Poor guys. They had it good on the farm. Stupid hoard of walkers. But we love our drama. The group has been having to move place to place and even this house they come upon gets overrun. Weren’t they able to go North or South? Perhaps get out of Georgia? Suppose that wouldn’t make for a good story.

Now the prison…that makes for a good story. I’ve said it before that correctional facilities in a zombie apocalypse would be perfect, especially the ones we have up here. Every police station, sheriff’s office, and correctional facility will have weapons. Most will, save police stations, have full kitchens. Then there are the locker rooms of the employees long ago zombified. They keep all sorts of crap in there including fresh (hopefully) clothes and if they aren’t there should be a laundry somewhere in the facility. What about power? Well backup generators. As you can see I’ve thought this out. So I’m down with Rick and the crew choosing the prison.

Most of the episode is about them securing the yard and a cell block. Towards the end they start searching the rest of the prison and we may lose a member of the crew, but Rick (how I adore Rick) cuts off his leg to keep him alive. “He’s losing a lot of blood.” Duh Sherlock you cut his leg off, what did you expect to happen. I like Herschel, but put him down. He’s going to die either way. Why prolong his suffering? The episode ends with the search group coming upon a group of survivors in what looks like to be the old mess hall.

What I forgot to mention and what might all interest you is Lori has a conversation with Herschel before he heads out with the search party about her baby. She hasn’t felt the baby move in a while and she’s afraid she’s lost it. Whats more is she’s afraid the baby will be stillborn and become a zombie and rip her apart from the inside out. Legit concern. Then she’s concerned she’ll die or both she and the baby will die and no one will put them down. She begs Herschel to put her and/or the baby down if that happens. He soothes her and then gets himself bitten by a zombie. She’s dead for sure now. Ok. Maybe not, but if she was dead we wouldn’t have to hear her whine any longer. I liked Lori at some point, but she’s gotten slightly insufferable. It’s probably the hormones.

As with previous seasons I’m stoked. The Walking Dead is a zombie show for even the most unlikely of people. I’m not a huge zombie fan except for this show. Every Sunday night at 9/8C I’m a zombie fangirl.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8C on AMC.

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