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A few weeks ago, I was walking through town. There is a massive Apple store in the main shopping complex, and outside was the biggest queue I have ever seen. Hordes of people, jumping up and down in the crisp morning air, all waiting for the launch of something that would change their lives forever….

…The iPhone 5!

Over the years, people have had an array of different ways to communicate with each other; smoke signals…telegrams….letters….Morse Code…All of which highly successful means I’m sure, but not as effective in portraying your personality as our main means of communication today. I mean, I can’t imagine two children having a fight in the playground consisting of:

Eh, bruv, check out the bling on that carrier pigeon’s talons.”

“No man, my pigeon’s neon pink feathers are sick!”

Nowadays, technology has made it a lot easier for self expression. With the Golden Age of mobile phones has come a market for customisation. You can turn your phone into a further extension of yourself with a clip of a case, the peel of a sticker, or the knotting of a charm…the options are endless. I still remember my first phone case. It was during school, when phones started looking less like bricks, “Snake” on the Nokia 3210 was all the rage at school. I decided a boring old phone case wasn’t enough for me. I found myself a sliding case instead, with Angel on the front, much to the envy of my Buffy-loving friends!

Now that I’m older,my tastes have matured slightly, and after much trepidation, I am now the owner of an iPhone. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon. It took a lot of time, and an incident with my previous phone and a toilet, to sway me. But now, I wouldn’t know where I’d be without it.

Geek My Phone


RedBubble is an EPICLY COOL website I discovered a little while ago. All of the designs for the iPhone cases on the site are created by people from all over the world. The site showcases a wide range of genre-spanning designs. They are on the priceier side, but with Christmas coming up…if there is a design you like, you know what to ask Santa for! Personally,  I am in LOVE with this beauty:

Source: RedBubble
Artist: erndub

(And yes, RedBubble do international shipping too…I checked!)


I am always looking out for a bargain, and ebay is amazing for finding pretty much every item in the entire universe, new or used, and without is costing a fortune! I can’t get enough of ebay, and thoroughly encourage you all to go and frolic through the selection of iPhone cases that are on there! I mean, c’mon…look what I found after about 5 minutes of browsing…

Source: eBay
Seller: jimbob-media

World of Warcraft

Source: eBay
Seller: pickaposta

Star Trek

Source: eBay
Seller: gothkulture

Retro Gameboy

If you’re going to use ebay, prices will vary depending on the seller, as will shipping, but please, go forth, and explore!

Think Geek

Think Geek offers lots of different and cool designs to choose from to suit your own personal geek (there’s even a chocolate scented one!) Prices of products range from low to high, depending what you are looking for. A definite must-look for Geeky, gadgety, and cool iPhone cases!

Of course, if you are feeling brave, you could have a go and customising and creating your own iPhone case. Find some stickers, buttons, crystals, ribbon….whatever you feel like using (within reason), and go for it!

You can’t do self expression any better than that!

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