Hawkeye #3 © Marvel Comics

This is one of the best comics I’ve read this month; therefore you’ll be surprised when I say it isn’t ‘Comic of the Week’. Click HERE to find out what was. I will say however, it was mighty close.

Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja has been a revelation; the first issue had a frantic pace, so often utilised poorly in comics, whilst the second exceeded the high expectations we had here at GU. Fraction cracks wise, frequently and often, whilst Aja’s artwork shines – it’s reminiscent of both Mazzucchelli and Maleev, high praise indeed. I’ve been impressed by this creative team’s synchronicity, which was exemplified in the second issue, with an incredible 24 panel page. Hollingsworth too is doing sterling work.

Hawkeye (or Clint Barton) partakes in ‘life laundry’, pauses for a dalliance with a lady, which is superbly written, and then becomes embroiled in a car chase, the scope of which invoked memories of The Matrix Reloaded, but without the dissatisfaction. The action is perfectly timed, whilst the humour is spot on. This is easily Marvel’s best book right now. It is incredibly fun.

The one-shot nature is incredible refreshing. This is in stark contrast to every other event-driven book hitting the shelves at the moment and I’ve no hesitation in recommending it highly. Bro.

Published by Mark Brassington

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