It was an action packed week of television. Here is some things that you might have missed.


Nashville – Wednesdays 10/9C on ABC – “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You)” – Nashville’s second episode has solidified my want and need to watch this show. Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes is absolutely brilliant and her nemesis Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes is delightful interaction I was honestly worried about. While Panettiere is an admirable actress she’s never been my favorite and I thought my general dislike of her would keep me from liking the show, but luckily it doesn’t. I think my dislike is a good thing because her character is somewhat snarky. I really want to know about Rayna’s relationship with her father and why it’s so run down. It’s clear that he’s not a very nice man, but I’m really dying to know what their story is. And then there is Teddy, Rayna’s husband, played by Eric Close (loved him in Without a Trace) who is running for Mayor of Nashville. He’s kind of an ass. I’m not sure I like him in Nashville.

Here’s what you missed: Rayna is struggling to decide what to do about her tour since she has adamantly refused to join Barnes’ tour and open for her (I don’t blame her). Meanwhile Teddy is amping up his campaign for Mayor and making certain demands on Rayna. While I understand he’s stood by her during her career he has an awful way of asking Rayna to be involved. Guess it might be true what they say some people marry men like their daddies. In Rayna’s case this isn’t a good thing; though Rayna had her chance at the beginning of her career to stay with Deacon. Deacon has stuck by Rayna, but now he’s stepping out to write a song with Barnes, while they partake in other “activities.” Barnes gives Deacon a $50,000 guitar and Rayna worries that Deacon may leave her to be part of Barnes’ band. Then there is the sweetness that is Gunnar and Scarlett. These two can sing and have great chemistry and Watty White can see it too as he offers them an opportunity of a lifetime.

Sara Ramirez as Callie
(Photo Credit: ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Grey’s Anatomy – Thursdays 9/8C on ABC – “” – We missed last week’s episode because of the Vice Presidential Debates so we pick up where we left off in episode 2 (which really should have been episode 1). Shonda Rhimes and team missed their mark when they aired the episodes in the order they did. The last episode explained what happened to all of the doctors involved in the plane crash and how they got to the points they are in their life. In a way I understand why they decided to do, but I thought they completely missed the mark. Anyways maybe I’m just getting “Grey’d” out. I hope not, but the storylines have been getting flat.

Here’s what you missed: The survivors of the plane crash must decided on whether or not to settle with the aeronautics company or whether they want to endure years of litigation. At the beginning of the episode it sounds like the group might take the insanely large amount of money. The settlement isn’t the only drama happening at Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital. Chief Hunt has rehired Keppner without telling anyone. April’s interaction with Avery throughout the show is painful to watch. When April left I was beginning to like her. She was breaking out of this small town religious freak girl and growing up. Now that she has spent some catching up time on the farm she’s “revirginized.” I was happy when Avery and her went at it at the end of the episode. Here is my question: how can Hunt hire her back as an attending and allow her to do surgeries when she failed her boards. Just saying.  Derek, who is still having trouble with his hand, sneaks a peek of the wreckage which makes him have second thoughts on accepting the settlement. At the end he convinces everyone to decline the offer. Meanwhile in Minnesota (which I’m tired of them always making it look super cold) Christina has a breakthrough with the old doctor. This was a great scene. I’m hoping that as we get going in the season Grey’s can get back some of the appeal that it’s lost in the last few season.

GRIMM — “The Other Side” Episode 208 — Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

Grimm – Friday’s 10/9C on NBC – “The Other Side” – You have absolutely no idea how much I have been anticipating this episode. Last week teased us with Nick dreaming that Juliette finally remembered him only she didn’t…it was a dream. More like a nightmare really. Ugh. Score one for NBC and the writers. The episode continued with a frightfully creepy girl who was coming into her wesen abilities too early. Top that off with hidden psychopathic tendencies and you have a recipe for disaster. Speaking of which Monroe had his own recipe for disaster when he screwed up an order for a customer. Poor Mouse. NBC and the writers also teased that the Captain’s obsession is increasing just as it is with Juliette. That was one powerful concoction.

Tonight’s episode starts out with Juliette and Nick attending an award function for Captain Renard. The Captain sounds likes going to start a long speech, but is distracted by Juliette. After schmoozing with the press he comes over to Nick, Juliette’s, Hank’s, and Wu’s table. There is a quick exchange and a quick witted from Wu with an even quicker witted remark from the Captain, “What precinct do you work at again?” Score one for the Captain. Nick and Hank are called out to a crime scene since the department is thin for the awards banquet and all. Juliette assures Nick she’ll be fine and grab a cab, but then the Captain, ever the gentleman Prince, offers to drive her home. This is when things get creepy.  Once he drops her off he watches her as she grabs the terribly hidden key to the house. First off she was carrying a purse so why oh why didn’t she bring her own set of keys. Secondly why would Nick allow a hidden key when he’s a cop. *shaking my head* The murder turns into two as the episode progresses and Nick learns about a new type of Wesen – genetically altered Wesen. The murderer’s mother and he are originally a turtle like creature, but she spliced some Lowen (lion like) DNA in there. When he gets angry or feels threatened the Lowen comes out without him at first realizing it. The more it happens the more he comes to terms with what is happening. There is an awesome scene towards the end when he goes after two prison inmates when they try to tell him who rules the jungle. Haha. Elsewhere in the story after the Captain catches a rather creepy peek at Juliette showering (obviously he snuck into the house) he drives erratically away and nearly runs over a citizen who demands his keys when he gets out. While I know this scene shows how tortured the Captain is over this obsession over Juliette I think that the writers could have done this without Renard getting out of the vehicle and beating the guy up. I mean hello this guy is supposed to be a Police Captain. Like that display won’t get back to him? I’ve praised Grimm for its attention to police procedure, but honestly this episode pissed me off. And what’s up with the random appearance of Wendell the squintern from Bones? It was such a quick and really dumb scene.  My favorite scenes of the night were when the Captain and Monroe interacted at the spice shop. The Captain has no idea what he’s going to do and Monroe has made it clear he needs to do something before his obsession becomes dangerous. Hope we have more Captain/Monroe scenes. They were awesome.

Revolution will not be on Monday October 22nd due to the Presidential Debates. To keep you salivating for the next episode here is what you have to look forward to:

**note: This gallery includes images from Grimm, Nashville, and Grey’s Anatomy as well.**

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