Death of the Family © DC Comics

Both reviews contain MILD SPOILERS as ‘Death of the Family‘ continues.

Catwoman #13 © DC Comics

Catwoman #13

Last week, as well as a preview of Catwoman #13, the latest prologue in ‘Death of the Family’, we brought news of its return to the printers, before even hitting the shelves, along with Batgirl and Batman (for reviews, see HERE).

Whilst a stronger tie-in to ‘Death of the Family’ – the Joker is a forerunner of the story; he menacingly lurks in the shadows, toying with Selina – the result is a disjointed story encompassing Selina’s origin, which was poorly tackled by writer Nocenti in issue #0, a teddy bear and a robot toy, and a big score involving chess pieces.

However, the story isn’t without interest.

And whilst the artwork by Sandoval is solid, the panel design and layout is somewhat amiss (another artist whose strength is the splash page?).

Having been disappointed by Catwoman’s relaunch last year, I’m now disappointed that nothing much has changed. This is a world away from Brubaker’s Catwoman with artwork by Darwyn Cooke and subsequently Cameron Stewart.

However, those after more of the Joker than his one page appearance in Batgirl #13, will perhaps be satisfied, but nothing of (apparent) significance happens. Ultimately, time will tell, tis a prologue after all.

Near Mint copies are demanding quite the price on eBay, for those as less enamoured with the Joker’s return than I.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 © DC Comics

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13

I’ll be honest, Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 was something I had little interest in, which quickly became no interest upon reading.

The issue was the conclusion of Starfire’s battle for the throne of Tamaran, whilst she was reunited with her sister, Blackfire. The story itself was confusing, despite copious narration, and the artwork, whilst competent, felt rushed, somewhat surprising as I’d enjoyed Green’s previous efforts on Joshua Dyart’s Swamp Thing (circa 2005) and Rocket Raccoon. Perhaps he was a late replacement, drafted to replace Kenneth Rocafort, who is taking over Superman with Scott Lobdell

I bought it solely because I had the opportunity to at my local store and we brought news last week that there was an appearance of someone from Jason Todd’s past – a grim effort at a tie-in to ‘Death of the Family’.

This one is perhaps best avoided, except for completionists sake.

Death of the Family‘ continues in November.

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  1. Speculating, speculating and more speculating!! 😦 later on when the hoopla dies down, there will be millions out there, notably the 1st prints in bargain bins. Read what you like and save hard-earned money!

  2. I don’t think people are ‘speculating’ on this issue – just desperate to read it. ‘Death of the Family’ has been great so far.
    I’d estimate a print run of 40-50K which is probably less than a quarter of the Batman print run. If folks want the whole story then there will be a scramble for issues.

    1. Hi Joe 🙂 It’s really the Joker cameo that made this particular issue go to its second printing. In the last two pages, Joker’s digging for something and is shown holding a long red cap or helmet (is it?) reminding u of the tussle between Bats and some crooks wearing the same red cap or helmet in issue 0. Hmmm, there seems to be a connection somewhere.
      By the way, do u have an extra 1st print Catwoman 13 for sale? My LCS didn’t have enough copy of it 😦 Thanks 🙂

  3. Some might say a ‘red hood’?
    Snyder’s ‘Death of the Family’ has been littered with nods to previous Joker stories and the story has gone from strength to strength.
    I’ll check the shelves of my local store – remind me via twitter!

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