Last week’s premiere episode was a stellar opening for what will only prove to be yet another amazing season of undead. If you don’t remember what happened last episode you can catch up with last weeks review.

Just to quickly recap the survivors had been hopping house to house and business to business to keep out of reach of the horde of walkers who had descended upon the Herschel Farm. Hungry, stressed, and tired the group needs a bit of luck and they find hope in a prison near where they stopped. Talk about a stroke of luck. Once in the prison Hershel is bitten by a walker and in an attempt to save him Rick hacks off his infected leg. We only get a glimpse of Michonne (the chick with the pet zombies) and Andrea. The episode closes with the group finding that there were survivors at the prison.

Wow. Something tells me I’ll be saying that a lot this season of The Walking Dead. After Rick cut off Herschel’s leg in the cafeteria of the prison the group meets a collection of prison inmate survivors who state a CO locked them in there and gave them a gun to protect themselves. I don’t know many correctional officers that carry pistols, but hey it’s TV. The inmates question Rick and crew if they are the rescue team. It’s clear these inmates have no idea what is going on outside (or inside for that matter) the prison walls. Our survivors all but ignore the inmates as they rush to get Herschel back to Cell Block C.

The prisoners follow, but Daryl and T are ready for them when they arrive. Daryl tries to get them on their way, but one over bearing inmate, Tomas, is adamant they aren’t going anywhere. The inmates explain that they’ve been locked in the cafeteria for roughly 292 days. At this Rick explains what has happened while they have been holed up in the cafeteria. He takes them outside into the yard to show them exactly what they’re facing and prove to them what the world has truly become. Tomas tells Rick that he and his crew can take a piece of the yard and that the inmates will help them move their gear. Rick asserts that they are not moving from the cell block that THEY secured. Tomas pushes stating that the prison is theirs. After all they were there first. Rick and Tomas come to an agreement that for half of the inmate’s food supply Rick and the group will assist them in securing another cell block, but is Tomas and the other inmates even come close to the others he’ll kill him. I like this ruthless Rick. It’s sexy.

Meanwhile back at the cell block the rest of the group is working on keeping Herschel alive and they’ve managed to slow down the bleeding. They’ll need to find the infirmary quick if they want to save him. Most of the group is trying to remain hopeful except for Maggie who is certain her father will die. She feels partially to blame, I think, for her father’s imminent death.

As you all know so far this season Lori has annoyed me beyond comprehension and I know I am not alone in this train of thought, but tonight for a brief moment she earned back a little of my faith. After Rick and T return with a portion of their newly acquired food supply Lori asks Rick about the prisoners and what their options are. Rick tells her that they are going to help them clear a cell block and under no circumstances is he relinquishing the prison. He states that his options are he can kill the prisoners. This is where Lori earned back some faith in her from me. She tells Rick that she knows he has no malice in his heart and that he should do whatever he has to do to protect the group and do it with a clear conscious.

Maggie has a heartfelt monologue with her father telling him he can let go that she and Beth will be fine. It was heart wrenching and somewhat unexpected to me. Maggie has always appeared strong and fights for what she loves so I was surprised when she told Herschel he could let go and be at peace.

Back with Rick, Daryl, and T they explain to the inmates how to kill the zombies. I’m hoping that at least one of the, hopefully Tomas, will meet their match with a zombie. They don’t really listen to what Rick is telling them thinking they know exactly what they are doing. This isn’t surprising, but just irritating. As soon as a couple of walkers appear in the hallway the inmates yell and rush forward to start beating on the walkers typical inmate fight style, ignoring Rick’s instructions to aim for the head. Rick, T, and Daryl all exchange a look with one another. I know exactly how they feel. I was thinking the same thing. These guys have to go. They are dangerous to the survival of the rest of the group.

Carl was supposed to be organizing the new food and keeping an eye on the cell block, but ever the rebellious young man he ventures out and returns to Herschel’s cell with a bag full of guaze. He explains that was all he was able to find and while the group is appreciative they chide him for going out on his own. His response ‘it’s okay. I killed two walkers.’ I’m starting to like this kid.

Best line of the night: Rick to the inmates, “No more of that prison riot crap.”

Rick et al continue down the hallway. In the melee with an onslaught of walkers Big Tiny gets scratched by a zombie (poor guy). All the inmates sans Tomas beg Rick to help him. Tiny is adamant he’s fine. Tomas meanwhile decides to use his axe and brutally murders Tiny. I mean like bludgeon to death murder. Blood everywhere kind of bludgeon. Prison riot style. It’s clear Tomas is going to have to be taken care of. Think I might have done it there in the hallway real quick like.

Carol brings Glenn outside for something secret. Once outside Glenn states “what you’re saying is sane, but are you sure?” Carol wants to practice conducting a C-section on a walker. Ok. Yeah what she is saying is sane, but totally insane at the same time. HOLY CRAP. Really?

We all knew what was coming with Rick and the prisoners. Tomas was bound to make his move and move he did. Rick instructs to open one door (they are in the laundry on their way to clear the cell block) and instead Tomas opens both. In the fight with the zombies Tomas deliberately pushes one towards Rick and he’s pushed over. Luckily Daryl has his back. After they finish killing all the walkers Tomas is adamant that the walker was coming at him and he only meant to protect himself. Right. And then Rick takes care of Tomas with a machete to the head. Man do I love Rick this season. Rick chases after one of the other prisoners while Daryl and T cover the other two. The inmate who ran becomes zombie food in a yard at the end of a long hallway. Can’t say he didn’t deserve that.

And back in Cell Block C the inevitable happens. Herschel stops breathing. This saddens me. I liked Herschel, but it wouldn’t be a good zombie television show if someone we liked didn’t die. But wait, it might not be over yet. Lori gives Herschel CPR and he comes back and not as a zombie. There is still no fever. Herschel might make it yet. Back with Rick and the others they make it to a cell block and tell the remaining two inmates what they do now is up to them. They have their part of the prison, Rick et al has theirs.

The episode comes to an end with Herschel waking up and not as a walker. One legged Herschel has survived. Guess I won’t have to mourn him after all. And in case y’all were worried you’d lose your panties when you turn into a zombie have no fear they’ll remain. At least the zombie Carol starts cutting into still has hers on. Looks like Rick and Lori won’t be reconciling anytime soon. He tells her he’s appreciative for what she’s done. What exactly has she done? She helped Carol save Herschel, but something tells me that’s not why Rick is appreciative and still pissed at her all at the same time.

Until next time my undead friends. Looks like next week we’ll learn more about Woodbury, it’s governor, and what Andrea and Michonne have been up to.

Here’s a clip from tonight’s episode:

Here’s a few photo’s from tonight’s episode:

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