Beasts of Burden © Dark Horse Comics

Who couldn’t fall for a pack of dogs and an orphaned cat investigating the unearthly? Quash any thoughts of Scooby-Doo instantly, these Eisner Award winning tales penned by Evan Dorkin, illustrated by Jill Thompson, are wonderfully dark, depressing and yet utterly charming.

The terrifying but delightful ‘Animal Rites’ was far more than a ‘Pet Avengers’ dealing with themes such as friendship, honour and betrayal; a modern day Aesop’s Fables, via Grimms’ Fairy Tales, with a tone similar to Spike Jonze’s masterful interpretation of Where the Wild Things Are.

Excitingly, Beasts of Burden is set to return with a four issue miniseries, which will then be collected along with the recent Hellboy crossover and the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ stories from Dark Horse Presents.

As for a release date, Dorkin said on his blog “I guess sometime in 2013…at least it’s underway”.

I am very much in agreement.

Adorn your shelves with this incredible work.

And if you are not convinced, here’s a preview of ‘Neighborhood Watch’.

All images courtesy of © Dark Horse Comics.

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