Jo, Stephen and I go through the many comics out tomorrow and give you a selection of the ones to watch out for:

Jo – Revival #4

Tim Seeley’s “understated psychological and supernatural horror, with genuine humour” continues with issue #4 in which Dana investigates threats sent to a pair of siblings running a charity to help people ‘adjust’ to life with the undead. Seemingly there’s more to this brother and sister than philanthropy. Meanwhile in Ms. Vang’s basement May Thao discovers a series of photos depicting a bizarre creature “and just can’t help but get herself into deep shit”. Mike Norton’s glorious artwork is, once again, wrapped in an amazing Jenny Frison cover. In case you’ve missed out on this excellent series, reprints of issues #1-3 also ship this week!

Revival #4 © Image Comics

Stephen – Prophet #30

There’s been a real movement towards intelligent, science-fiction and fantasy based titles over the past year in comics. Saga, Harbinger, Debris, Planetoid, The Planet of the Apes books, all fit these criteria. As does Prophet from Image Comics. This Wednesday sees the publication of issue #30 of the re-launched Prophet. First appearing in Rob Leifeld’s Youngblood back in Image’s original heyday John Prophet is a fascinating character and it’s really great to see him back and being excellently represented by writer Brandon Graham and artist Giannis Milonogiannis. Prophet is the type of comic that you have to savour and read slowly, as there is such a lot going on. It’s absolutely like nothing you will read anywhere else in the world of comics. The description of issue #30 is “Old man Prophet’s team goes looking for supplies on a city built into the torso of a giant at war with its other body parts.

Prophet #30 © Image Comics

Mark – Idolized #3

What can I say? This title is a lot of fun. David Schwartz really juggles the revenge / redemption storyline well which is played out against the backdrop of reality television. After last months dramatic cliffhanger which left Joule disqualified from the competition, I’m looking forward to how David writes Joule out of this situation. What I like about this title is how much fun it is with so much Marvel NOW and New DC 52 out there and having to pick 8 titles just to know what’s going on. I feel like with every comic that’s come out I’m left wanting more which is a good feeling with any title, I really want to see what happens past the restraints of reality television. It also doesn’t hurt that its beautifully illustrated by Pasquale Qualano and it especially doesn’t hurt that we have variant cover starring supermodel Rachel Clark.

Idolized #3 © Aspen Comics

What comics are you picking up?

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