One of the best things about smartphones is the ability to enjoy the Apps made for specific events or holidays. We all know that Hallows Eve is coming up, so why not look for any interesting Apps? I will be highlighting some of the Apps which I am sure your kids would love to use on that haunting evening.

Scary Sounds: You want to play with horrifying sounds? Check this out. This free App is available for the iOS operating system. It will add more fun to the audio feature of your trick-or-treating adventures. The features include making a cycle of sound sequences, deep laugh, howls, barking, growling and night sounds. You will surely enjoy making a pattern of sounds for the perfect horror soundtrack.

Pumpkin Maker: You want to design your own Pumpkin? You have an App here for you. This “Pumpkin Maker” App game will help your kids design virtual pumpkins with thousands of designs in iOS. Another aspect of this gaming app is that you can share your scary or goofy creations with friends on Facebook.

Halloween City: Create your own virtual city with animated witches, ghosts, ghouls, zombies and vampires with this App for iOS. You will need coins to move on to new levels of the game. Once you create the City, you can share it on your FB account.

200+ Horror Stories, Sounds, And Scares: One of my favorites is this App for iOS that creates heart-stopping scariness. This app is available on iTunes for $1. This huge collection of scary stories and ghost novels, haunting sounds, tips on fun pranks, and creepy animations will provide entertainment for the whole family this Halloween. The auto-scare feature gives you the option to play random scary sounds to keep everyone on their toes.

The stories include classics like Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” Washington Irving’s “Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” and Henry James’ “Turn of the Screw,” to name a few. Parents should note this app is rated 12+ because of some of the content.

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier: This app is available for $1 at Google Play. This app can really be exciting if anyone wants to change their friends into zombies. What I mean is that you can take images of the people from the phone camera, and by using this app you can give a 3D-animated zombie affect. It can give you a good idea of how your friend will look like as Zombie. This app provides features like making dead ringers, complete with blinking, scowling and breathing functions. As an added kick, they will even try to ravage the unsuspecting finger that gets too close to the screen!

Make a Zombie: When we talk about Zombies, the first thing that comes to mind is that cruel, bloody face. This App will help you to make & design zombies, but you can still manage the “cute” factor in it. Either way, this app is a great way to flex those creative zombie muscles. Plus, you can share your masterpieces with your social networks, too.

Halloween Costumes: Are you planning to go to a Halloween party and can’t plan what to wear? Check this App out. This App will give you some ideas for adult men and women, as well as links to purchase the costumes directly. After all, there’s nothing like showing up at a party in a “Sexy Swashbuckler” costume.

If you come across any exciting apps regarding this event, please do share with us!

Sources: mobiledia, mashable

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