© King Lizard

They are the bastard child of Thin Lizzy and a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. The child wears an Iron Maiden t-shirt and listens to Alice Cooper in a whiskey-filled dungeon. This is King Lizard and they don’t give a fuck.

They just want Scandinavia.


“Tear Stockholm a new asshole!” cried the words of encouragement that leapt from the band’s Facebook page back in 2011. Only the addition of a winking smiley shielded it from the definite lawsuit or threatening knock in the middle of the night.

And tear Sweden a new asshole they did, infesting the air of Crazy Nights with a threatening surge of obnoxious metal (to coin a new term) on a cold evening last November. But one taste of Sweden is never enough for any metal band worth their salt, and here is a band that can certainly cut the mustard.

Niro Knox © King Lizard

That is why I for one will vote to send this quartet to the northern lands this coming June. The location is Sölvesborg, the dates are June 5-8 next year. The headline acts are Kiss and Rush, veteran kings of rock and roll.

Exciting, no doubt. But let’s herald in the new generation.

Twitterbanter the band @kinglizardmusic

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