When I checked Facebook at the weekend, I couldn’t believe my eyes…There were LOADS of comments stating that it had been snowing in parts of the UK overnight.

In October? Really?

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love this time of year, but snow in October seems a little bit premature… Mother Nature….can’t you hold off for another month or so?

I was going to save this post for a little later in the Winter months, but considering that the North Wind doth seem to be blowing a tad early this year, I seized this opportunity to cover a topic that I have been SO excited about; Winter Accessories.


I do realise that if you live in warmer climates, some of these accessories may not be as useful to you, but they are still just as cool, and would be great if you ever decided to travel to chillier climes.

For us girls, the world is literally our oyster when it comes to Winter accessories. We can pretty much get away with wearing whatever designs we like, so this time of year is the perfect one to find cute and fun ways to express your inner Geek.

These would be my choices…


Source: ebay
Seller: elements_uk

This hat is just too unbelievably cute for words. I get really Geeky when it comes to cute animals and soft toys (my car is full of them). I know that there are lots of similar designs out there, but I am such a fan of thrifty shopping, there was bound to be an ebay contribution somewhere. This hat is perfect for when the temperature really drops, and makes a great statement accessory!

Source: ASOS

Bobble hats have been around for ages, and are usually one of those items with which people have a love/hate relationship. Personally, I love them. They are cute, cosy and comfortable. I picked this one out for its colour. I saw it and instantly got nostalgic for my N64. I had a controller in this exact colour. Looking at it reminds me of playing Goldeneye!


Source: Play

How could a Harry Potter scarf not feature on this list? It’s AMAZING!!! I chose this dark berry design over the brighter scarf because I think the colours are more Autumnal. Play has a few scarves with Harry Potter designs, so if you are more of a Ravenclaw kinda gal, there’s more than one option. I’d team this scarf with the yellow bobble hat I chose above…I think that’d look very Geek Chic!

Source: BBC Shop

I tried so hard to find an alternative to this scarf, because this one is a little on the pricey side, but there was nothing to compare. Not only is the scarf perfect for Dr Who fans, but it brings in the colour blocking trend that we have seen in past seasons, and continues to be popular. This scarf is super long too so will be super cosy. Just looking at it makes me feel warmer!



Source: Etsy
Shop: Nerdifacts

Fingerless gloves are becoming ever more useful today. It was hard enough to wear gloves and use your phone/computer before touch screens came into our lives, but now with the iPhone/iPad phenomenon, things are on a whole new level. These gloves are so cute, and do come in different colours, but I chose the lavender/pink combo for their femininity.

Source: ebay
Seller: naturalflowdirect

A trip down Nostalgia Lane again. These gloves remind me of the Rainbow Road level of Super Mario Kart 64, and instantly make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. They are a combination of Geek and fun, which, if you don’t want to be too ostentatious in your accessories, is great. And they’re from ebay, so pretty bargainous!

I hope I’ve given everyone some inspiration. Accessories are great because they can really pull an outfit together, and shine a light on your personality without you really having to make a big deal about it. I’ve tried to select pieces that I know will be versatile, and that can be paired with a variety of colours to see you through from Autumn to Winter to Spring! And there’s nothing like the cosy feeling of wrapping up warm in a hat, scarf and gloves and heading out into the chilly Autumn air!

Oooo….I do love this time of year!

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Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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