The Walking Dead continues to shock and awe as well as leave us completely in the dark. This week Rick et al had a reprieve as we focused on Andrea and Michonne. Wonder what’s going on at the prison? Guess we’ll have to wait till next week to find out. We did finally learn a bit more about what’s been going on with Andrea and the mysterious Michonne, who still remains a mystery. She’s not much of a talker.

The show opens with Rick’s elusive helicopter. Guess he’s not crazy after all. Then again none of us thought he was crazy. At least I didn’t. It ends up some of the military has survived after all, but not for too long; something happens to the helicopter and it crashes in some woods. Andrea and Michonne notice this and start walking towards the crash site. When they get there they notice one man dead (cut in half actually). Before Michonne can verify all the occupants a convoy of vehicles; finally we get to meet this Governor that AMC has been pimping.

The Governor and his crew clean up the walkers that were drawn in by the crash. One of the crash victims (the cut in half one) becomes a zombie and Andrea and Michonne are shocked when the Governor puts a knife in his head and twists it. They don’t know about the whole everyone being infected thing. What I found most interesting about this whole scene was the fact that a walker went by Michonne and Andrea without noticing them. We keep learning fascinating things about our undead friends.

The Governor’s crew is ready to head out and Michonne and Andrea think they are in the clear, Michonne at least is leery of these new comers.  Merle (who else kind of missed him?) comes upon them and Andrea ends up passing out.

Once in town Michonne is suspicious and aren’t we all? She wants her weapons and the governor tells her when they leave they can have their weapons back, a few days food, and even keys to a vehicle if they life. Sounds too good to be true? Probably because it would be. As the show progresses we learn that the Governor is much more vicious then we could have even imagined. And a little odd.

Michonne is quiet most of the show, but when she does talk it’s to show her disdain and suspicion for this protected town of 74 known as Woodbury. She gets even more upset when she finds the Governor has her sword in his China cabinet. I’d be pissed too. The town seems perfect. Too perfect in my opinion. It seems like Andrea might be falling for the Governor as well. Let’s hope not.

If we didn’t trust the Governor we certainly don’t after he talks to the rescued pilot of the copter he tells him he’ll bring his friends home. Yeah. No. He slaughters his friends for their weapons and supplies. He comes back and tells the town that walkers had gotten them.

What we learn about our undead friends this episode:

–       Take away their arms and jaw they lose their strength to fight. Effectively starving them, but unlike their human counterparts the process of starving a zombie takes a lot longer, making them great mules.

–       We kind of already knew this from season 1, but having the walkers with you helps mask your stench and keeps you somewhat hidden. A camouflage of sorts and at least you don’t have to wear them.

At the end of the episode we see the Governor in his home. There is a woman in his bed and he heads off to a locked room. Could this guy be any more suspicious? Yes. He can. He turns on some electronic device that turns on a light (we think). As the camera pans over on the glow we see its aquariums full of severed zombie heads including Michonne’s walkers. We also learn what happened to the helicopter pilot. Wow that Governor is  an arse.

Here is an exclusive sneak peek of next week’s new episode:

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