Executive ASSISTANT: Assassins #5 LBCHC Exclusive © Aspen Comics

This weekend (November 3rd-4th, 2012) why not head out to Long Beach Comic and Horror Con (LBCHC)? As well as artists such as Howard Chaykin, Mike Choi and Eric Basaldua (full list see HERE), GeeksUnleashed are proud to reveal Aspen Comics official signing schedule for the Con.

Appearing at the Aspen Comics Booth #101:


12:00 – 1:00: Peter Steigerwald, Beth Sotelo, JT Krul, Lori Hanson, Jonathan Marks, Frank Mastromauro, Mark Roslan, Vince Hernandez, Josh Reed

1:30-2:30: Joe Benitez, Ale Garza, Peter Steigerwald, JT Krul Nei Ruffino, Frank Mastromauro, Mark Roslan, Vince Hernandez, Josh Reed

4:00-4:45: The Official Aspen Comics Panel 2012: Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, JT Krul and more.


1:30-2:30: Ale Garza, Peter Steigerwald, JT Krul, Beth Sotelo, Lori Hanson, Mark Roslan, Frank Mastromauro, Vince Hernandez, Josh Reed

What’s more, Aspen Comics will have a special Executive Assistant  Assassins #5 Long Beach Comic Con 2012 exclusive cover and print by Ale Garza and Peter Steigerwald, limited to 300 copies and 75 editions, respectively.

For more  information on LBCHC, see HERE, for Aspen Comics, see HERE.

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