Interstellar Marines Interstellar Marines: Prologue is a science fiction FPS-RPG and the first in a planned trilogy of games. The developers, Zero Point Software, emphasize that it is a “unique blend of tactical co-op, progressive role-playing, and nonlinear gameplay…”

You are a Special Forces soldier, one of the elite from among the Interplanetary Treaty Organization (ITO) member nations. From the preview video, you get to fight some cool enemies like a shark-dog and robots. Zero Point has added some neat little touches to the game like hidden bulls-eyes to collect. It also looks like there might be driveable mechs in the future.

The RPG aspects of the game are pretty standard. You get to upgrade/customize your weapon and character to suit your play style. But the concept and setting of the game look great.

Possibly a great addition to PC gaming. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign today.

The games balance the military realism and cooperative action from tactical shooters with the character development and narrative depth from Role Playing Games. [Interstellar Marines]

Check out the soundtrack to Interstellar Marines: Prologue.

Prologue Soundtrack:

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