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Mark Millar, whose work on The Authority, The Ultimates and side projects such as Wanted and Chosen, was godly. These all rank among my favourite comics. However, he appears to have ‘jumped the shark’.

The first issue of The Secret Service was derivative, trite, humourless and conceited – despite Millar’s protestations that these are “the best characters I’ve ever written”. The plot, London rioter transformed superspy, is a poor imitation of a Futurama episode, “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” and Grant Morrisons’ The Invisibles. However, do not let these references confuse. This comic is mind numbingly tedious, the only positive of which, is Dave Gibbons glorious art.

Therefore imagine my surprise when a movie was announced, which Millar has described as “James Bond meets My Fair Lady”. Having enjoyed Kick-Ass, which was an interesting take on superheroics, wrapped in deliciously dark and violent comedy, I’m somewhat torn. And having used Mark Hamill in the opening sequence of the comic – a cameo was assured.

Millar recently took to Twitter – “I am so glad we got Mark Hamill to agree to be in Secret Service before he’s whisked away for 6 years to wield a light-sabre again.”

Matthew Vaughn is to direct the project, turning down the opportunity to work on X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Expect a release date to be announced shortly.

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