Last weeks episode did a good job of moving the story on from what I consider to be the first generation of Misfits and handing the torch over to a new bunch of Misfits. Although it’s still at the same community centre and Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) and Seth (Matthew McNulty)  were in this series before hand and of course their all on probation the end of last episode ended on quite a dark twist with the revaluation that new Misfit – Finn (Nathan McMullen) was holding a girl captive in his flat after appearing as a bit of a moron throughout the first episode.

Jess, Rudy, Finn and Curtis © Hal Shinnie / Channel 4 Television

The second episode I think overall has done a good job at reinventing itself and moving away from the old Misfits, I found throughout the last two series’ that we knew where the show was going with the ‘man in the mask’ story line. Now that, that has been resolved I feel like story wise we’ve been handed a much more exciting series and you can see the small nuggets of a bigger story line being dropped into show.

New Guy – Alex © Hal Shinnie / Channel 4 Television

When the episode picks up from last week we see Finn in a room of his flat with a tied up woman and tells her it’s from own good, we discover that this is his girlfriend but no real reason as to the reason she’s being held captive and without going into why and how she is eventually freed this episode and it is discovered that  the captive girl is called Sadie and is Finn’s girlfriend. You do discover why Finn held her captive and although I really enjoyed this episode I felt like as a member of the audience that this could have been dragged out for a few episodes and just giving Sadie a scene or two a week until towards the end of the series but that’s just my point of view and I have no idea what awaits these Misfits and that there could be a lot more to come and it is certainly hinted during the last few moments of the show when a new mysterious character called Lola is introduced who clearly has her sights set on Curtis.  During the episode we are also introduced to another new and mysterious character called Alex who works with Curtis, Jess (Karla Crome) starts flirting with Alex but then becomes strangely freaked out which I feel has a bigger story behind it.

Besides wishing they could have dragged out the story line with Finn and Sadie over a few episodes as it would have been a lot more intriguing, although I think it was dealt with fairly well in the end and showed us a lot more about the character of Finn. Overall this was a great episode with a lot of mystery, drama and craziness. It was a great second episode and vast improvement on last weeks, during the episode I realised this feels now a lot more like a new show. There’s a lot more mystery now and the introduction of Lola who seems likes she’s up to something this is very much becoming the show I”m looking forward to each week.

I couldn’t end this review without commenting on Rudy, you’ve all met people like him in real life but could never imagine being friends with him. He had some great moments throughout the episode and the highlights of the evening were:

Penis, Scissors, Twat – this is a game Rudy asks Curtis to play instead of the traditional rock, paper scissors.

“Men are from Mars and women love penis.” – Where does this guy get his one liners from?

Rudy makes this show work, although I’m sure in real life he’d get right on my nervous but where this can be a dark and moody drama he add the over the top comedy throughout the show. Great episode and I’ll be tuning in next week.

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