Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) – The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Last Sunday on The Walking Dead we learned about the City of Woodbury and it’s mysterious leader the Governor played by David Morrissey. We also learned a bit about what had been going with Andrea and the once katana yielding, pet zombie owner Michonne. Want to refresh your memory more? Check out last week’s review here.

As always if you haven’t seen the episode don’t read further. There are spoilers in this review.
We learn right away there will be trouble later on as we watch someone pick up a gasoline container and a deer carcass. The person looks like they are one of the former inmates from the prison. Perhaps Andrew didn’t die? Guess we’ll have to see later on.

Axel and Oscar, the two prison survivors, come to Rick and ask to join their group. They state that the cellblock is full of ghosts and they’d rather hit the road then stay another night in that cellblock. Oscar also mentions that the gate at the far end of the prison is down and there are a large number of walkers near their cellblock. Meanwhile Lori, Maggie, and Carl help Herschel up. He moves around pretty well on those crutches. He’s definitely going to need them.

Michonne is suspicious of the Governor and Woodbury in general. She examines the military vehicles they brought back, full of bullet holes. She’s not dumb. She knows the Governor is up to something. Get out while you still can Michonne.

Herschel et al take their walk outside. What crazy luck. He gets outside and zombies have to ruin it. Dang walkers. Can’t they let the group have a good few weeks without attacks? Strangely enough Rick is worried about Lori. That was new. There are also walkers in the cellblock. Man. They really can’t catch a break. It wouldn’t be a zombie attack if someone didn’t get bit. Poor T-Dog gets bitten in the shoulder while closing the gate. Guess that’s what you get for suggesting taking inmates into the group.
Back in Woodbury Andrea and Merle share a moment when she gives him a map of where Daryl may be found. He asks why she’s helping him and why she’s leaving when the group left her behind. Andrea asks if the Governor is a good man and Merle tells her he is.

Seriously Rick Grimes and all can’t catch a break. That mysterious prisoner (ok it’s totally Andrew – the one Rick left in the yard with zombies) has turned on the prison alarm drawing all sorts of walkers to the area. Inside Maggie, Carl, and a very pregnant Lori hide in the boiler room. Lori is starting to go into labor. Oh man. Zombie baby?

In Woodbury Merle asks the Governor to take two men to search for his brother. He isn’t inclined to let him go telling Merle the whole place would fall apart without him. Merle says, “This is my brother.” The Governor promises him that if Merle can get more concrete information he’ll go with him.
Lori is going to give birth in the boiler room and Maggie is trying to help, but tells Lori to stop pushing there is something wrong. Carl looks on in horror. In Woodbury the Governor and Andrea share a moment. Those two would make a good couple. I’ve never been overly fond of Andrea and the Governor is psycho. Uh oh. The Governor told Andrea his name, Phillip. That can’t be good.

At the prison we get confirmation that it was Andrew responsible for the walkers and the backup generators being on. Rick starts fighting with Andrew and after the melee Oscar has the gun. Andrew tells Oscar to shoot Rick and together they can take back the prison. Instead Oscar shoots Rick and they turn off the generators.

Meanwhile in the boiler room poor Lori isn’t having a good time trying to give birth. Lori knows that she isn’t going to make it and will need a C-Section for the baby to survive. She tells Carl that he’s going to beat this world and makes him promise he’ll always do right. It’s a very touching moment and in that moment Lori redeemed herself in my eyes. Too bad she doesn’t survive the C-Section. Seriously. Sad moment.

I cried. Seriously I cried. I’m not afraid to admit it. Maggie then cuts Lori at her old C-Section mark and pulls the baby out, it’s not crying. Longest 5 seconds of my life, but the baby starts crying and moving. Carl tells Maggie they can’t leave Lori and allow her to turn. He tells Maggie he’ll do it since she’s his mother. Oh my gosh. Such an emotional moment especially when the gun goes off. Holy crap and it’s only episode 4!

The group meets back up in the prison yard and when Rick learns that Lori has died he’s besides himself. The episode ends with him crying. Wow.

So to recap: We lost T-Dog and Lori, both huge losses in one episode. Andrew didn’t die in episode 2 instead he lived to wreak havoc on the prison. In the end Oscar shoots him. Lori gave birth to a baby who is alive. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but at least it’s alive.

Wow. What an emotional ride. Just wow.

Here’s a sneak peek of S03E05 which will air on AMC 9/8C – November 11th, 2012:

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