With the current news of Disney’s new grasp on the balls of the Star Wars franchise, I think it only appropriate to look back at the original trilogy to remind ourselves of what we all inevitably fell in love with in the first place.  These cult classics will always have a resounding presence amongst geek and non-geek cultures alike, so with the future of Star Wars in such a state of uncertainty, and with a possible new trilogy in the balance, let us be nostalgic, and dress accordingly.

Princess Leia

Being the only prominent female character in the original trilogy with any resonating fashion/costuming, I think it is only appropriate to concentrate on the newest ‘Disney Princess’ first and foremost.

Source: The Wall

Iconic are the twirled braids that adorn the sides of the beautiful head of Carrie Fisher.  Have you ever wanted a hairstyle inspired by these amazing buns?

Step One:  Part the hair directly in the centre of the head, ensuring the parting runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck in one solid line.  Use matte styling wax to keep stray hairs from floating about.

Step Two: Using two clear hair elastics, tie the hair into neat, tight pigtails, with the base of the pigtail just above the ear, again you can use the product to smooth the hair out.

Step Three: Comb the pigtails, and using a regular braiding motion braid the hair tightly to as close to the ends as possible.  You can secure the braid with another hair elastic if you wish, but if your hair is thin, it may be difficult to hide later.

Step Four:  Have lots of bobby pins (the same colour as your own hair) at hand, and holding the braid in place, twist the braid around the hair elastic that is keeping the hair in a pigtail, allowing the hair to wrap around itself.  Secure as you go with bobby pins, making sure the ends are well secured.  Use a strong holding hairspray to keep in place.  Voila!

Source: Wallpapers

White is definitely Leia’s colour. And her floaty fabric dress with tightened metallic waist belt can very easily be adapted into something modern and flattering.  Take this classic party dress, currently available from Asos.com.

Source: Asos

Team up with your C3PO shade of gold belt, and you’re 100% ready to join the rebel alliance.  It has to be noted too that paler shades, metallics and floaty, sheer fabrics are all due to be big this party season, and to be honest will always look classy.  Let’s face it, Leia never looks outdated.

These ARE The Droids You’re Looking For

Source: Snyders Web

Time to accessorize.  Whether you are into the warmer golds or the cooler silvers in jewellery, there’s always something inherently geeky about droid/robot accessories, and there’s plenty out there.

Source: Jewellery Express

Oh my god! Is that…? Yes, yes it is.  In sterling silver.  From Jewelleryexpress.com.  If you ever wanted to prove to the local folk hat you are in fact a Jedi, this is a subtle, yet stylish way to do it.

Source: Etsystatic

Incase you didn’t know… Etsy is really, really good for finding bespoke geeky pieces.  These little motherboard studs are so cute, and yet, undeniably geeky!

I love this C3PO pendant! It’s all about autumnal golden shades!

Source: Big Cartel

Storm Trooper Nail Art!

Source: Lady Blitz

I would like to draw your attention to this Cutepolish nail design.  For the full tutorial, head to Youtube, and check out Cutepolish, she’s the queen of nail art tutorials, especially those with a geeky twist.  Here’s my way of creating these fantastic nails.

Step One: Apply basecoat.  Nailpolish is damaging to the nail, so it’s always better to protect them with any clear base coat you find works for you.  When this is dry, apply a bright white polish all over the nail.

Step Two: You’ll need a little tool for the detail.  It’s so easy though, if you don’t own a small paintbrush or nail art brush, you can use something a simple as a toothpick!  Get yourself a stark black colour.

Step Three: Paint a stripe across the nail at a slight arc.  Following the natural curve of your nail will help.  Do this line just above the nail bed.

Step Four: Paint two slightly curved triangles for the eyes, with the points facing inward.  The picture will be able to help you get the right shape.

Step Five:  The easiest way to describe the next bit is to paint a sad face mouth.  A downward curving line towards the tip of the nail.  Finish the black by adding the dots to the ‘chin’ of the trooper on the very tip of the nail.  Elongate the middle dot slightly.

Step Six: Leave the design to dry thoroughly!  This is really important!  Apply a topcoat (clear) in order to protect your hard work from chipping. Done.

I hope today’s Geek Street has got you inspired to bring a little bit of ‘the galaxy far far away’ into your wardrobe.  Enjoy!

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