Colder #1

WRITTEN BY – Paul Tobin

ART BY – Juan Ferreyra

COVER BY – Juan Ferreyra

PUBLISHER – Dark Horse


Miniseries 1 (of 5)

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Colder #1 is its craftsmanship: whilst very much an introductory issue, character and plot are developed in equal measure and when a back-and-forth verges on an exposition dump, it is skilfully avoided by Paul Tobin (Falling Skies, Gingerbread Girl).

Unlike other horror comics which I’ve perused recently, Colder doesn’t rely on shock and gore, despite the impressive, eye-catching, cover. The artwork, by Juan Ferreyra (Falling Skies, Rex Mundi), has a distinctive hypnotic equality to it, and a fluidity, entirely in keeping with the theme of the first issue.

Enter October 12, 1941 and Sansid Asylum, Barnstable, Massachusetts, which is devoured by flames although not before a naked man emerges from (what I presume is) a rift in space, speaking of a ‘hunger’, and informing our protagonist, Declan, he’ll grow ‘colder’.

Fast-forward 70 or so years to the present day and Nimble Jack is given a proper introduction once again looking to satisfy a hunger, which he does in an eerie manner.  Whether supernatural or demonic (I favour the latter), Nimble Jack is an impressive character – Ferreyra captures his movement wonderfully – the essence of nightmares.

At which point we’re introduced to Reece and, once again, Declan, her live-in patient, whose body temperature has been slowly dropping, the point to which he has become a medical impossibility.

Nimble Jack re-introduces himself to Declan and announces they ‘are going to play’. It’s a game I want to watch but in no way be a part of.

Beyond horror, tis difficult to categorise Colder, it’s certainly suspenseful with a cliff-hanger out of the norm, which many could learn from. What starts as a psychological thriller, quickly becomes a character driven drama.

The cover for issue 2 is speculator.

Colder is another fantastic addition to the horror comics genre – you’ll want to add this one to your pull list at your local store. This issue left me anything but cold.

Colder #1 is published by Dark Horse and was released November 7th, 2012.

Published by Mark Brassington

Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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  1. When I saw the cover for this comic I thought no way in hell am I picking this up but I gave it ago once and I really loved this book – if I’d been doing comic of the week this would have been my pick hands down.

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