With Thought Bubble on the horizon, 11-18th November, with a guest list which includes but is not limited to Jason AaronDavid AjaCameron StewartBecky Cloonan, Paul Duffield, Jamie McKelvieFiona StaplesSean PhillipsNick Spencer and Mark Waid, hopefully attendees have saved hard.

We thought we’d take a closer look at books for which the festival is their début.

Metal Between Two Faces by Michael Lomon – a science fiction adventure set in the not too distant future.

We spoke to Michael who told us “Metal Between Two Faces is a science fiction adventure story set in the future megalopolis of Nova City. The story revolves around teenager Toby Alastor and a mysterious figure known as The Opus; two individuals linked by the terrorist disaster which occurred sixteen years prior, known as the Ultralima Shockwave.”

Those unfortunate enough to have been caught in that wave of terror “were left transformed in a whole range of physically nightmarish ways, with many of the affected retreating into smaller communities where their deformities would attract less negative attention”.

NeoProgen, the group claiming responsibility for the ‘attack’, “ have continued to stir up trouble on a smaller, more disparate scale, preaching a garbled manifesto of the spiritual elevation of mankind through the physical and technological breakdown of traditional forms and values. The Opus, has been elevated by the group as a leader of sorts, though very few individuals have ever met him face to face… and lived.”

The reader enters Nova City as a fresh outbreak of apparent NeoPrgen attacks “are about to shake the foundations of civilised life as we know it”.

Metal Between Two Faces features the “cityscapes of tomorrow, induced mutation, abnormal psychic activity, hallucinatory journeys, nightmarish memories, political corruption, lust, murder, booze, noise, robots, explosions and general bloody mayhem”.

Michael says the project began “as a way of archiving certain personal memories and experiences of growing up in and around the big city… MBTF takes fragments of my own youth and re-imagines them in the fantastical context of science fiction adventure stories”.

We at GU can attest Michael has captured “a certain adolescent sense of wide eyed excitement and endless possibilities, twinned with the horror and rage that become something of a teenage rite of passage as one learns how to deal with a wider world that can chew a person up as soon as embrace them” he desired.

Head over to Michael’s blog for more details. MBTF #2 may be purchased in physical form…”Every sale helps pay for materials and the big chunks of time sunk into these comic book endeavours. If you have enjoyed the story and wish to experience the artwork in its intended form, your support is super appreciated”. Michael promises “not to squander the money on customised laptop covers featuring David Bowie as Jareth from Labyrinth holding a glass ball.”

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