Ricardo Porven, creator of web-comic Donnie Goth, friend of Geeks Unleashed, recently put out a press release about his poster drive to raise money to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, which hit the East Coast of America last week.

Ricardo was born in New Jersey so feels an affinity with the people affected by the event there, and wanted to do something constructive to help. We sincerely hope his efforts are successful.

Donnie Goth Hurricane Relief Poster by Luis Diaz. Donnie Goth © Ricardo Porven
Moved by the images of destruction on television and the web, Donnie Goth comic creator Ricardo Porven felt compelled to do something about it. There’s a couple of good reasons for that.
Firstly, artist and writer, Ricardo Porven, was born in New Jersey. East Newark to be exact. He moved to Florida with his parents when he was six years old, but he took his memories of the state where he spent his early childhood with him. He remembers the summer trips to the coast to visit Seaside Heights where he walked the boardwalk and rode the amusement park rides.
Secondly, the main character of his online comic series, Donnie Goth, is a fictional New Jersey resident. Donnie Goth is a comic that chronicles the misadventures of Donnie, a teenage Goth boy and his pal Oliver, a salamander that can raise zombies from the dead, usually to humorous and disastrous effect. Donnie Goth makes his home in the small town of Lambertville, New Jersey.
“I wanted to help beyond what I could donate on my own. Create a way to inspire people to donate to the cause and help Donnie’s and my home state. That’s when I thought about the poster drive. I felt if I could create a way that Donnie Goth’s fans could give to the cause and receive something special in return, it would be a winning solution for everybody.” says Ricardo Porven.
The posters created feature Donnie Goth, and carry a message of hope. The message centers around rebuilding and surviving in Donnie’s unique style. The posters are high quality; individually printed on museum quality paper using archival inks and come in 3 sizes and donation amounts. All proceeds beyond those needed to cover the printing and packaging costs are being donated to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.
To give potential donors a choice, he reached out to other comic artists to create their own. One of the first artists to respond was artist Luis Diaz, know for his work on the Garbage Pail Kids series of trading cards by Topps Inc.
“Luis has worked with me on the comic in the past and he jumped at the chance to be a part of this effort. ” explains Ricardo.  It is expected that more posters will come online by the end of the week as other artists finish their work.
“We are setting our goal at 1,000 posters. Which could potentially add up to $30,000 in cash donations to the relief fund. But we’re not limiting it to that number, the more we sell, the more we can help those in need.” says Ricardo Porven.
For more information on the Donnie Goth poster drive to benefit New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy, visit www.donniegothcomic.com

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