This was a very different kind of episode. We still had the mystery and the feel of a new show however this episode was completely devoid of humour and although I personally would hate to have Rudy as a friend I did miss his craziness this week. It wasn’t that character had ducked out it was simply an extension of his power. For anyone who has reads Peter David’s X-Factor; the character Multiple Man sent out around the world many variations of himself and well it would seem that there is another Rudy – the two we’ve met and a third. None of this was a surprise as last weeks trailer gave it away, this Rudy however was funny or scared like the other two Rudy’s – this Rudy has just completed a term in prison and is evil. After being released he quickly finds the other Rudy’s and absorbs them back into him making him the dominant personality and thus the funny Rudy has left the building for this episode. This lead to a very different episode in terms of tone and story. The story was much darker and ended up with death at the of the end along with revelations of new Misfit; Jess. Firstly when deaths happen in Misfits world unless it’s one of the main characters they’re generally done in a moment of utter madness and have some sort of funny one-liner to not make it as dark. The things I enjoyed about this episode were finding out more about Jess and her backstory which I feel has more to it, her interaction with the mysterious Alex has also left me wanting more. Although I like seeing Curtis meeting a new woman as it’s been a while, I’m not sure how I feel about this Trainee Probation Officer from day one being over the top flirty with Curtis and although I feel like yet again the writers of Misfits are teasing us with a bigger story, I’m just not sure how I feel right now and hope it plays out well.

Although I enjoyed this episode and finding more about Finn, Jess and even Rudy I realised that I would like to see them move from the Community Centre and show us more of the world they live in. I also really missed Seth and hope he returns. I’m not sure what it was about this episode but I felt it was lacking this week, it’s still a great show and I find the hour is gone within moments but this week was slightly off in my opinion.

All Images © Hal Shinnie / Channel 4 Television

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  1. Weird. I thought this was the best episode of the series, and I say that as a person that loved the first two episodes. The humor was still there for me, but I’m one of the few people that finds Finn’s nervous rambling hilarious. “I like” Jess’s facial expressions and banter with Finn had me cracking up. Curtis had some nice zingers too. Even though Joe was doing the heavy lifting, Dark Rudy’s dark humor was funny to me also. “The nose was just for the comedy.”

    There was alot of great character exploration in this episode. Especially for Jess and Rudy. Every time the were on screen it was hard for me to remember what was going on with the others. Just a great ep all around, besides the fact that Curtis is still being side-lined.

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