The Walking Dead once again renews my love for great television. AMC, the cast, and the crew have out done themselves in this latest episode, “Say the Word.” Last episode (“Killer Within”) was just as shocking and we saw the confirmed deaths of Lori and T-Dog. For more on last week check out my previous review here.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) – The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 5 – Photo Credit Russell Kaye/AMC

“Say the Word” opened up in the town of Woodbury with Andrea talking to Milton about the festivities going on in the town and what big event is coming in the evening. We cut to the Governor brushing a young girl’s hair. A part of her skull comes off and we learn that the girl is a zombie. The Governor calls her Penny and we learn that she is his daughter. Definitely makes him much more the crazed villain he’s been implied to be. Creepy doesn’t begin to even explain it.

Back at the prison Rick is still racked with grief and dare I say a little guilt. The baby is still very much alive and hungry as it cries out for food and it’s mother. Poor little babe. Daryl refuses to lose anyone else in the group die and he, Maggie, and Glenn plan to head out for formula and other baby necessities. Before they leave Rick grabs an axe and heads into the prison on a suicide worthy mission; Glenn stays behind as it would be easier for Daryl and Maggie to move around on the motorcycle. Axel and Oscar are still alive and seem to be helping the group as they can. Inside the prison Rick starts his zombie-killing rampage. Not going to lie I miss our even tempered Sheriff. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.

In Woodbury Michonne continues to grow ever suspicious of the Governor. She sneaks into his apartment and grabs her sword from the case and starts looking around the place. She starts looking through a journal, which is zoomed in upon, and we are shown a list of names with the name “Penny” underlined. After that the journal is nothing but pen lines. Again I say creepy. Milton, Merle, and the Governor come in for more beverages. Michonne sneaks out a window and finds Milton’s research building, which houses a gated group of “biters.” This part was awesome. We’ve seen tidbits of Michonne’s sword work, but man it’s obvious the actress practiced A LOT. Her swordplay killing the six zombies from the gate was kick ass. I want to be a sword wielding zombie killer when the apocalypse comes. Just saying.

The Governor is none to happy with what has Michonne done. He offers her a spot on the Research team and states Merle will take care of her. Her response? She takes her sword back from an unsuspecting Governor and holds it to his neck. You go girl.

Merle and the “research team” head out of town to collect more biters for the night’s festivities; that wind chime thing was kind of sweet. Though this entire scene confirmed to me I don’t ever want to live in Woodbury. Daryl and Maggie, meanwhile, come upon a daycare where they find some supplies they need. While searching the building they hear a rustling in a closet in the kitchen. I was totally expecting (and secretly hoping for) a zombie toddler to jump out at them. Instead it’s a possum that Daryl promptly puts an arrow in with the best one liner of the night, “Hello dinner.”

Michonne talks Andrea into attempting to leave. At first it seems like Merle won’t let them out, but after a bit he opens the gate. Andrea and Michonne have an exchange and Michonne leaves alone. Though this certainly won’t be the last of her. At the prison Glenn is digging a grave. The inmates ask if they can help and he tells them that he needs two more graves. This seems to be the only confirmation we have that Carol has died as well as Lori and T-Dawg. Something tells me though that this is not the last we have seen of Carol at least I hope not.

Glenn ventures into the prison to look for Rick. When he finds him Rick is breathing heavy and zombie like. Kudos to Andrew Lincoln for having crazy in his eyes; he did amazingly well. Rick somewhat roughs Glenn up and continues his zombie-killing rampage.

Maggie and Daryl return to the prison with supplies. Oh my gosh am I falling for Daryl. He takes the baby and holds her and she seems to calm in his arms. While feeding her he ponders on what to call her. Carl, our dear lovable Carl, states he was thinking Sophia or Carol…or Amy, Andrea, Jackie, or…Lori. Poor Carl. He’s lost his mother and his father has gone a bit crazy. Rick will come around, but the group is severely fractured right now. Now is a good time for the Governor to find them. Drama will ensue I’m sure.

In Woodbury Andrea learns how dangerous it could be living in Woodbury when the night’s fun is revealed. A boxing match with zombies as the “ropes.” She is disgusted and tries to leave while the Governor tries to get her to stay and explains that it’s staged and just a way for the town to let off some steam. Andrea isn’t so sure. Good girl.

The episode ends with and emotional scene where Daryl places a Cherokee rose on Carol’s grave. Oh my gosh did I nearly cry. Carol can’t really be dead can she? I really was looking forward to them getting together. Sigh. Anyways we end seeing Rick collapsed in grief on the floor after killing a rather bloated zombie by putting a gun in its mouth and pulling the trigger and then stabbing the zombie’s stomach over and over again. We hear the baby cry and then a phone. An analog phone no less. Strange and intriguing. Rick picks up the phone and says, “Hello” and that’s it. We’ll have to wait till next week to find out who’s on the other end if anyone at all.

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