The time is fast approaching…

The moment the world has been waiting for…

“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II” is released this weekend!!


Now, I’m not so much of a Twi-hard myself (although I think I would be on Team Edward…definitely), but I do think that the fashion in Twilight is pretty amazing! I love the down to earth styles of the characters. It makes the films seem more gritty, and relatable. Looking at the clothes, you would really believe that there could be vampires and werewolves running around outside and frolicking in the forests of Forks!

Bella Swan

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Bella’s style is always very natural and simplistic. The colours of her wardrobe are earthy, and fit in with the surrounding landscapes in the films. Above all, she’s a young woman, and at the start of the saga, still in school. Her clothes are comfortable and practical, yet have an air of femininity. She doesn’t really mind about fashion (she has a vampire AND a werewolf trying to get her attention!)

Dress like Bella: To dress like Bella, find pieces that have earthy tones (reds, browns, greens). Go for comfortable fitting pieces that are easy to move around in.

Source: ASOS

This piece from ASOS is absolutely perfect. Wear it open, with a simple cami top underneath, and you emulate Bella’s style without even trying. The rich reds and blues are perfect for this season too. Throw on a coat like this one from New Look, and you are good to go!

Bella is all about simplicity. She doesn’t really go for cuts of clothes that are restrictive, and we nearly always see her in trousers. Slim leg jeans and a pair of flats or Converse are perfect for a look that just screams “bite me, Edward!”  And check out these Custom Converse. Aren’t they amazing?


Edward Cullen

Source: Wikipedia

Like Bella, Edward’s style is very natural and understated. He is nearly always in a t-shirt, shirt, coat, and jeans. And the combination works. The colours again are very earth based, and not ostentatious in the slightest. And that’s what you want if you’re a vampire. You want to be able to fit in with the crowd and not draw attention to yourself. Edward does this incredibly well. If you saw him walking down the street, aside from the twinkling skin, he could pass for a regular guy!

Dress like Edward: It’s all about layering here. Teaming basic t-shirts with jumpers and jackets is something that works well if you want to carry off the Edward Cullen look, or any of the Cullen boys for that matter. T shirts like this one from ASOS, go great layered under a jumper or jacket in a neutral colour.

Source: ASOS
Source: ASOS

Personally, I love this jacket…

Source: ASOS
Source: ASOS

It is smart, and in keeping with the colour palette to which Edward sticks, but the collar gives it a more polished look, meaning that it will be suitable for a multitude of occasions, whether you’re dressing like your favourite vampire or not!

Jacob Black

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Jacob has a similar style to Edward, in that he is nearly always in jeans, t-shirts and jackets. His style, however, is a little more colourful, and incorporates some patterns too, which injects some spark into the Twilight wardrobe.

Dress like Jacob: Jacob is nearly always seen wearing a pair of blue jeans, or cut offs. Investing in a good pair of jeans is essential for Jacob’s look, because they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You are all going to have your own preference for cuts of jean, but I think this pair is a style that would fit and flatter anybody.

Source: ASOS

As for t shirts, I’d go for a round neck neutral….neutrals are great basic pieces to have because they can be layered with any colour. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, and want to add some edge to your Jacob look, try a slightly bolder print or colour. My pick would be this one.

Source: ASOS

And yes, we all know Jacob likes to go around shirtless…if you’re feeling daring, you can try going shirtless too…but I’d save this for the Summer though, and at the beach… walking down your local high street in November in nothing but a pair of jeans may get you a few funny looks!

A Twi-hard fan

If you want to celebrate the release of the final Twilight film without chhanging your style to dress like your favourite character, I have found some cool accessories that you can use to subtly show your love for all things Twilight!

Source: Target

An iPhone case is a great way to express your personal taste, and this one from Target, is beautiful, and reasonably priced too! $24.99….bargainous if you ask me!

Source: Etsy
Shop: Jetaime Boutique

This locket is just beautiful, whether you are a fan of the sage or not. Etsy is such a great site. There are so many great pieces to be found! And this one just goes to prove it!

Source: Ebay
Seller: gothkulture

Umbrellas are great fashion statements (especially if you live in the UK!) I think this one from ebay is gorgeous…not too over the top and ostentatious…Great for expressing your love for Twilight and protecting you from inclement weather at the same time!

Whether you want to channel your favourite Twilight character, or simply play homage to the phenomenon that is Twilight, there is something out there for everyone….so get out there, and express yourself!

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