Stephen, Jo and I each week take pick three comics out this week and recommend them to you as ones to watch out for. Some are well-known and others not so much. This is this weeks ones to watch out for:

Jo – Batman #14

Since his return in Batman #13, the opening issue in ‘Death of the Family’, Snyder and Capullo’s sinister and psychotic interpretation of the Joker has haunted me. They’ve taken cues from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s ‘The Killing Joke’ and Nolan/Ledger’s The Dark Knight, albeit with a dramatic redesign. Last week we brought you a six page preview of Batman #14, which has only heightened my sense of anticipation – the Joker’s back, but where is Alfred? Plus there’s another back up story by Snyder, Tynion IV and Jock; this time featuring The Penguin. Last month’s was quintessential to the issue and I’m expecting more of the same this time round. Also released this week is Batgirl #14 which continues the heralded storyline and reprints of the opening issues – not to be missed.

Batman #14 © DC Comics

Stephen – Thor #1

Aaron. Ribic. Thor.

Nothing more needs to be said.

But I will. The Marvel NOW! juggernaut really ramps up this week, and this is the title I am most looking forward to. After Iron Man last week it is now the turn of the Norse Avenger to get a revamp. The preview images Marvel has released are stunning. I cannot wait!

Thor God of Thunder l#1 © Marvel Comics

Mark – Saga #7 

I’m having a hard time choosing this week. Marvel NOW is really ramping it up this week and DC is bringing the Joker and admittedly I’m excited about All New X-Men. However when I sat and thought about it Saga has been consistently brilliant from day one. It’s crazy combination of Romeo and Juliet meets Farscape. Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples really have a lot of fun with this title. For those who have not been reading – will this is a story of boy meets girl set in space to the back drop of rather than two families at war we have whole races across the Universe. There has been a short gap between issues 6 and 7 so I’m looking forward to this issue where we pick up from last issues surprises guests. The first Graphic Novel is out and if you haven’t read it get the Graphic Novel and pick up issue 7!

Saga #7 © Image Comics

What are you picking up this week?

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