We here at GU are big fans of Jay Faerber, whom Stephen interviewed back in September, his Near Death series and now Point of Impact have seriously impressed.

Therefore when we had the opportunity to interview Koray Kuranel, artist of Point of Impact, we jumped at the chance. We, here at GU, believe he’s going to be a star. His artwork is staggering – the detail, the panels and the splashes all are rendered beautifully.

We’ve a six page preview of issue 2 HERE.

Geeks Unleashed – Firstly congratulations of Point of Impact, we here at GU loved issue 1. What can you tell us about the title?

Koray Kuranel – Thank you very much. This is a crime story with 4 issues. As you know it starts with a murder, and events roll out. This was my first collaboration with Jay (Faerber, whom Stephen interviewed last month, see HERE); he wrote an awesome script which has a great mood and lots of cool characters that I always wanted to draw.

GU – Your previous work had included Outlaw Territory and a graphic novel “Independence War and Ali” published by the Turkish Ministry of Culture, how does this compare to working with Jay Faerber and Image Comics?

KK – “Independence War and Ali” is different from Outlaw Territory and Point of Impact, that I was really young when I collaborated and learned a lot from it. Outlaw Territory was my introduction to the US audience, and it was another great experience for me. As for Jay, everyone knows how good a writer he is, I feel lucky to have worked with him. He was very understanding especially for my English. I was really free artistically working with him on “Point of Impact”.

GU – You’ve also worked as a storyboard artist and for an advertising company in the past – anything we might recognise?

KK – I don’t think you would recognize any of the work I did or continue to do as a storyboard artist, as most of it is for local commercials in Turkey.

GU – You originally studied Animation Art – did you always want to be an artist? What inspires you and your art?

KK – Since my childhood I wanted to be an artist, thankfully I was able to earn my living this way. Although I really cannot pinpoint anything, I find life as a whole inspiring.

GU – I read about Arkabahce (Buyuk Besuktas Carsisi), Buyulu Ruzgar (Neset Omer Sokak) and Gerekli Seyler (Moda CD, Istanbul) – does Turkey have a strong independent comics scene? Or is the market dominated by US imports? Are there many comics which are published/ translated into Turkish?

KK – In Turkey the market is generally dominated by Turkish Caricature weekly magazines. The comic book market is not fully developed. There are some Turkish comics, but the shallow comic book market here was first dominated by translated Italian comics. Translated and original US comics started to form a market very recently.

GU – Point of Impact is a crime series, Outlaw Territory was based in the Wild West, your deviantART showcases Conan sketches – is there a genre you naturally gravitate towards?

KK – There is no specific genre I gravitate towards, I like working on different genres.

GU – The black and white style utilised in Point of Impact is perfect – it captures the mystery and peril perfectly. Is it your preferred medium?

KK – Thanks for your kind words. I love the black and white form; it is the most impressive form for me.

GU – Who are you influenced by?

KK – I am influenced by many master artists around the globe, if I have to mention someone special it would be Ivo Milazzo, who I believe is one of the greatest Italian comics’ artists.

GU – Point of Impact is a four issue miniseries – do you have any other projects at present? Or anything lined up for future?

KK – There is nothing specific at the moment; I believe something will come up sooner or later.

GU – What would be your dream project?

KK – My dream would be to write and draw my own project.

GU – Would you recommend something you’ve enjoyed recently, whether it be a comic, film, book, cultural event?

KK – I’m reading Morrison and Murphy’s “Joe The Barbarian”.  I’m very impressed by story and art so far.

GU – We appreciate the opportunity to talk to you today Koray, particularly as English isn’t your first language – is there anything you’d like to add? Something you may wish us to promote for example?

KK – Yes, I want to explain something: I think some people thought that I’m “young” talent. Sounds good but I’m almost 38 and I’ve been working as a professional artist for almost 20 years. And I am really grateful for your interest in me and “Point of Impact”. I hope that the readers will like the series.

GU – Thank you Koray – we here at GU would like to wish you all the best for the future and look forward to seeing your future work.

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