Treetop Flyers © John Williams

Despite still having to release a debut album, this high-energy five piece has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison on more than one occasion. Impressed, I dusted-off my finest pair of cowboy boots and set out to learn more about the funky fusion of folk, rock and country that is Treetop Flyers.

Geeks Unleashed: Easy things first. What’s behind the name? Did any of you ever own a tree house?

Treetop Flyers: We actually founded the name after listening to Stephen Stills in a tree house.

GU: How do you manage to get such energy and depth of sound out of only five guys and a predominately acoustic set-up?

TF: For the record we’re not predominantly an acoustic set-up. I think that’s a misconception about us that a lot of people have. The energy comes from the sheer love of doing what we do best together and to achieve that depth of sound we carve spiritual holes in the atmosphere with our insane tones, vocals and rhythms.

GU: I stand correct! Last summer you played Feis Festival. How did it feel to feature in a bill

Feis Festival, 2011 © Feis Festival

alongside Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy and Bob Dylan?

TF: Sharing the same bill as the Reverend Bob Dylan twice felt pretty darn special. We also were lucky enough to share the bill with Van the Man again this year which was pretty cool too. You grow up listening to these guys so to actually be on the same bill is a real dream come true.

GU: In that case, what’s been your most memorable show to date?

TF: Feis and Glastonbury last year were great, but actually opening the main stage at Hop Farm this summer for Bob Dylan was even better.

GU: Tricky question: if you had to cite five major influences, who would they be?

The Band, The Beatles, Free, Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison. We could probably cite a different five major influences every five minutes!

GU: Have you ever met any of them?

TF:I don’t believe we have met any from that list. Met Sir Bruce Forsyth backstage this year…

Guitarist Sam Beer chats with a fan after a show © Amadeus Finlay

GU: Are there any guest instruments you’d like to feature on a track? Like a didgeridoo, say.

TF: A horn section and gospel choir would be fantastic. More realistically though it’d be great to bring back some lap/pedal steel which we were fortunate enough to have someone play with us in the early days of the band.

GU: What’s next for the band?

We are doing 4 special dates in December covering the north, south, east and west of London in some of our favourite venues to promote our upcoming debut album which is due out (hopefully) around springtime next year.

Winter Tour Dates

Dec 11: Brixton Windmill

Dec 12: Kilburn Power’s Bar

Dec 13: Stoke Newington Waiting Room

Dec 15: Hammersmith Albion

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