Saga #7

Written by – Brian K Vaughan

Art by – Fiona Staples


After a 2 month hiatus, Saga returns with issue 7 and is well worthy of our ‘Comic of the Week’ accolade. And it confirms a sneaking suspicion, that this is one of the best new series this year.

Whilst alien there’s something familiar about Brian K Vaughan’s Saga. His own ‘paracosm’ (one I’d love to step into) is a visual delight thanks to Fiona Staples and whereas I initially thought the series lacked the immediacy of Y The Last Man, perhaps because of Hazel’s (at times) jarring narration, I’m now enchanted.

Saga blends science fiction and fantasy, family drama and adventure with aplomb. Issue 7 marks the start of a new adventure, as parents Marko and Alana make an “unexpected discovery” in the vast emptiness of outer space.

After a flashback sequence, in which space never looked so picturesque and the consequences of war so grotesque, the reader is left brutalised. It sets up tensions which will persist beyond this issue between Marko’s parents, Kira and Barr, and Alana.

Staples’ incredible use of colour continues to amaze and wonder, surpassing previous efforts, although I had thought this impossible. It’s unlike anything else in comics at present – tis a golden era with the likes of Becky Cloonan, Matt Kindt, Darwyn Cooke, Sean G Murphy, all of whose work is instantly recognisable and unmistakable.

The oft used phrase of “perfect jumping on point” applies, only if you are making the switch from trade to issue form. Personally 4 weeks is more than I can bear for the latest instalment, so hats off to those who wait the long months between trades.

My only disappointment was the no-show of various supporting cast members – Prince Robot, The Will – however their return will be all the sweeter.

Join me down the rabbit hole into this fantasy world – you shan’t be disappointed. This is Vaughan and Staples’ career defining work to date – as who knows what the future holds for such talented creators?

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