This episode takes a detour from the usual Arrow formula which we are becoming accustomed and sees Queen look to take down a small group of bank thieves, the head of which actually turns out to be headed up by a former blue collar worker at Queen Industries and who was formally fired by Oliver’s father. Leaving a very bitter pill in his mouth, the now criminal has employed his immediate family to act as his accomplices and undertakes a host of heists in Starling City.

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With the help of a particularly attractive looking Felicity Smoak, Queen uncovers the true identity and, more importantly, motive of the masked thief (some of the coolest looking masks I have seen in popular culture for quite a while, I hasten to add). As such, Queen tracks him down to a bar and what I considered to be a cool and played down scene occurs where the thief is too proud to accept Queen’s offer and they end up agreeing that whatever will be, will be.

This scene, although enjoyable enough, certainly reminded me of the diner scene between Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in Heat, albeit nowhere near the same calibre. I’m just saying I think there was a definite nod there.

Did anyone else find the ‘punch face analysis’ tool which was used earlier in the episode a bit farfetched? Queen reviews some footage on his computer, then, from the punch mark left on the guys face, manages to scan the bruising and uncovers an L shaped indentation left from a signet ring, enabling him to track down the perp. All very clever indeed Mr Queen. But likely?

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In terms of character progression we can certainly see a strong union building between Diggle and Queen, even to the point of them starting to gel as a team. They are now training together and Queen is starting to open up to Digs about certain things which befell him upon the island, but still keeping far more back.

The island flashbacks are now also moving along nicely and we are starting to find out more about the militia and the origins of the little book of names.

I liked this episode of Arrow, and it has shown me that the Series can switch things up a bit, something which has troubled me slightly thus far. I have felt that the Series has been a bit samey but I think I am finally being won round in this regard. Sure, the Show still strikes me as taking itself a bit too seriously and could really benefit with some comic relief, but we are growing more attached to the Characters and their entwined relationships. The story is also gathering pace, with earlier sowed plot seeds starting to bear fruit.

This is the first time throughout the first Season of this Show where I find myself genuinely looking forward to next week’s outing and eager to find what the next step is for the inhabitants of Starling City.

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