If you are an android user, then this post is for you. You won’t find a long list of apps but these three specifically chosen apps will impress you. When you use these apps, I am sure that you will keep them the as part of your android smartphone or tablet for a long period of time.

If you know any other useful apps, then suggestions are always welcome.

Podkicker Podcast Player Pro:

When you frequently have to access Google Play for different content, you might feel bad when you realize that you don’t have many of the options as using any podcast suite. This makes it difficult for users switching over from the comfortable throws of Apple’s iTunes ecosystem, where podcast syncing was a cinch. But don’t feel so bad. There are a few options available that can work as an alternative for podcasts at the Google Play store.

So when it comes to “Podkicker Pro,” you will find it the better choice available in the Google Play store, with its easy-to-use interface for users. You can add podcasts by name or RSS feed. You can also share your currently subscribed podcasts with Podkicker, and they will generate  a list of podcasts you may be interested in listening to. You can use the free version of the app, but then you have to bare the ads and less features as compared to the paid version. The paid version costs $2.99.


Astrid App:

Remembering important things has always been difficult for me. This is the habit that my wife especially doesn’t like. For example, when she tells me to bring few things home from the store, and I always forget one or two. But now having a smartphone and apps like this, you can avoid such issues by making a list of all your “to-do” items.

The free version of Astrid will do the job. You can write down your tasks, set up the app to sync with services like Google Tasks, and then Astrid will pop up (in the Notifications panel) throughout the day to make sure you’ve completed what you need to do. There is another option to buy that app. That will give you the feature to make a to-do list using your voice and to download widgets in varying sizes.


easyFocus App:

Say you’ve taken a photo of something, but you want to focus on a specific area of that image… this app is for you. EasyFocus App helps you to focus in on a very specific part of a photo, while “defocusing” the rest of the objects around it. It’s an easy way to tack on SLR-like focus effects to your smartphone photos. EasyFocus also enables the user to freehand the focus area for more precision. If you pair this with a photo enhancement tool, you will be able to give your smartphone images a more lively impact.


Source: arstechnica

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