Stephen, Jo and I each week pick three comics and recommend them to you as ones to watch out for. Some are well-known and others not so much. This is this weeks ones to watch out for:

Stephen – Comeback #1 – Image

I didn’t know anything about Ed Brisson until I saw some of his work as backup stories in issues of Jay Faerber’s Near Death. Self-contained tales over 4 or 5 pages, with a crime flavour, the writing really impressed and made me want to seek out more of his work. So when I heard about Comeback, the 5 issue mini-series from Image Comics was written by Brisson, and drawn by the equally talented Michael Walsh I was really excited. It’s got a really intriguing premise involving a secretive organisation which sends agents back in time to rescue people moments before their deaths, and reunites them with their families. The preview pages I have seen look stunning and this is sure to be another hit from Image.

ComeBack #1 © Image Comics

Jo – The Darkness #108 – Top Cow / Image

A month or so ago, we at GU alerted you to the possibility of obtaining The Darkness #101-106 for free. After the events of Artifacts, which resulted in the Top Cow Universe being ‘re-born’, David Hine (The Bulletproof Coffin) and Jeremy Haun (Artifacts, Detective Comics) launched a new era for The Darkness. The Darkness #108 is part three of ‘Breaking Dark’, the creative teams’ second arc, in which Jackie Estacado’s world has been turned upside down by his wife’s preciousness grip on her sanity and the emergence of the Witch King. Not to mention what’s happening to his daughter, Hope. David Hine has been a breath of fresh air on this title; his characterisation work is a wonder whilst Jeremy Haun delivers artistically. I’m onboard.

Darkness #108 © Top Cow

Mark – Judge Dredd #1 – IDW

I’ve been looking forward to this title since it was first announced back at the SDCC in July and it seemed like this title was really far off at the time. Funny thing time as it’s now out this week and I’m really looking forward to it especially with latest movie being far superior to the previous Stallone version. Duane Swierczynski has been delivering consecutively amazing runs on Valiant Comics’s Bloodshot and DC Comics’s Birds of Prey and I was also a big fan of his recent Cable run. With Bloodshot and Cable both action men in the comics world I have no fear that Duane will have any trouble delivering the law in the American ongoing Dredd title.

Judge Dredd #1 © IDW

What are you buying?

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