Those of you who know me will know that I’m a Facebook junkie. I’m not ashamed to admit it (although I’m pretty sure I should be), and I’ll probably continue being a Facebook junkie until something shinier comes along.

I’m also a geek, as you have probably already guessed. That’s why I’ve decided to combine the two – here are 5 geeky Facebook pages!

1) Being a Geek

Being a Geek Facebook

I remember liking this page and enjoying the fact that it said “Laura McIntosh likes Being a Geek”. At over 200,000 likes, Being a Geek posts what you’d expect – stereotypically geeky content. From animé and comic books to Star Wars and Doctor Who, it’s a true geek’s paradise. Jason Vickery, the guy who runs the page, is  funny, topical and easy to relate to – he loves being a geek, and he loves that you are too. If you’re looking for an all-round geeky Facebook page, Being a Geek is the one for you!

2) Comic Geeks

Comic Geeks Facebook

For all you comic book geeks out there, make sure you like this page. What’s great about Comic Geeks is the fact that it strikes up debates and discussions as well as delivering entertaining content. The fact that the page admins ask questions like “what do you think of this?” and “which is better?” means that we feel more involved with the community, and that’s always a mega bonus. The pictures are funny and/or fascinating and they cover a wide variety of both obscure and mainstream comic themes. Granted, the grammar could sometimes be better, but… I guess I can’t be too mad at them.

… I’m still a little mad, though.

3) I f**king love science (I’ll abbreviate it to IFLS, because I’m lazy)

Check out my awesome MS Paint censoring skills.

This is by far my favourite Facebook page. Unlike Being a Geek and Comic Geek, who mainly focus on humour, IFLS creates the perfect balance between the hilariously clever and the seriously fascinating. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand the content – most of the stuff is either simple, or explained in a way that helps you to understand. That’s what I love about it – not only am I entertained, I also learn stuff, and learning is cool, kids! (And yes, before anybody asks, I was a boffin at school.) 1.8 million people can’t be wrong – LIKE THE PAGE!

4) Nerd Approved

Nerd Approved Facebook

Are you a fan of gadgets? Do you secretly (or not-so-secretly) still like toys? Are you a little on the quirky side? Then, like 11,000 other Facebook users, you’re sure to love Nerd Approved. The concept is simple – they find awesome toys and gadgets, they post them, you enjoy them! It should be said that, although the pictures/links they post are great, there’s not much effort on the admin’s front to post captions or get the fanbase engaged. If you’re looking for awesome pictures, and you’re not the type of person to leave comments, Nerd Approved is definitely worth liking!

5) Cheezburger

Cheezburger Facebook

Memes, memes everywhere! Cheezburger is the official Facebook page for, home of I Can Has Cheezburger?, Memebase and the FAIL Blog. It’s essentially a collection of hilarious memes piled into one place – what more could you want? You don’t have to be a meme-obsessive like me to like the page, however. Memes have become a lot more commercialised over the years, so they’re much easier to ‘get’, so to speak. If you’re looking for a laugh, Cheezburger is for you.

Honourable mention – George Takei

George Takei Facebook

Words cannot explain how amazing this man is. I… I can’t even describe it. Just go and like the page. Please and while your there and you fancy giving GeeksUnleashed.Me a like to that would be awesome.

Do you have any geeky Facebook suggestions? Let me know in the comments! Until then, get liking!

Published by Mark Brassington

Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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