Whenever a big event happens in the Spider-Man world I’ve found that the internet goes crazy and this weeks Spider-Man is no exception. Newsarama revealed (thanks to a retailer scanning the page) the big twist! The twist being that Doctor Octopus has done a body swap unlike any other with Spider-Man:

Amazing Spider-Man #698 – Interior Page © Marvel Comics

However this is only part one of a three-part story line heading towards the final issue #700 before the Marvel NOW relaunch – Superior Spider-Man. Will Peter be back in the mask before issue #1 launches? Will it be Doctor Octopus Spider-Man? Or will this be a new Spider-Man? Whatever happens it looks like Dan Slott isn’t pulling any punches!

If you’ve missed this issue, fear not as it’s on is way back to the printers and this is the cover for the second printing and will be on sale on the 19th December:

Amazing Spider-Man #698 2nd Printing © Marvel Comics

Published by Mark Brassington

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  1. Sad this comic has sold out due to people flocking in to buy copies only to hike up prices to sell to the people that buy comics. Good luck buying Amazing spider-man 700…

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