Under the watchful eyes of Motörhead © Thousand Autumns

A 50-something roadie once told me that, “chaos, my friend, is putting five wee lads with a penchant for intoxication in a room filled with a connoisseur’s collection of vintage guitars.” Never one to question such eloquent reflection, I sat down with Thousand Autumns to find out just how far they fell from the tree. 

Geeks Unleashed: First things first, why the name Thousand Autumns?

Thousand Autumns: We wanted something that didn’t give too much away to someone who has never heard of us. And we wanted something related to England. Autumn is one season that’s consistent and consistently beautiful.

GU: Global unemployment is at astronomical levels, yet you guys opted for the unpredictable and risky life that is rock and roll. What inspired you to get into the music business?

TA: There’s a great music scene where we live in Hertfordshire, and we’ve seen a lot of great bands come from here and succeed. We all found music naturally in our own way, and any kid who first learns an instrument like electric guitar or drums almost instantly dreams of playing in a band. But by being surrounded by talent and seeing friends succeed in the music industry, it made us realise that if you have the drive, it can be done.

GU: How would you best describe the music that you play?

TA: Big beats, powerful groove, something to sing all day.

GU: Does your style have the legs to make you into an iconic act?

A: Iconic Foo Fighters or iconic Enter Shikari? Haha.. Either way, we hope so. Our sound definitely isn’t pinned down to 2008-2012. Plus, we’re 21 on average so we improve and learn every day. And the aim is to carry on that way.

GU: What are your major influences?

TA: a) Nirvana, The Beatles, John Mayer, Foo Fighters, Alexisonfire, Thrice, Red Hot Chili Peppers

b) Grunge, rock, metal, folk, alternative, prog, hardcore, reggae, jazz, funk, psychedelic, surf, punk, ska etc, etc, etc..

Look mum, no hands © Thousand Autumns

GU: Random question: would you ever wreck your kit just for a stage act?

TA: Hell yeah! As soon as it’s not gear that we’ve paid for. Maybe we’ll wreck the stage?

GU: Do you have any unique, pre-gig ceremonies?

TA: Nothing out of the ordinary. Warm ups, stretches… intoxicants.

GU: Finally, what is your most insane career story?

TA: Well its not really a career story as much but more of a tour story. Basically we had a cancelled show in York so we went out on the tiles. First we managed to get banned from a club for just walking up to it, before getting into a fight with some skinhead guys…and losing. Then to cap it all off, one of us got hit by a car.



Thousand Autumns:

Josh Fox

Sam Lidington

Luke Jenkins

Rob Jenkins

Ian Harrington

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