“…putting together light and dark, opposites, and things you don’t necessarily think go together” – Kerli Koiv, creator of the BubbleGoth term and insanely fashionable singer/songwriter.

© AOL Music

Bubblegoth is geeky because, at its essence it is unique. It draws upon themes not often explored by your average fashionista. I’m talking major influences of Japanese culture, Lolita styles and cosplay combined with heavy metal aspects, dark gothic features, neon raver type ideas, Marie Antoinette held up against industrial thrash. Are you getting the idea? It may all sound a little extreme, but BubbleGoth goes hand in hand with the everyday too.

I’ve picked out a few key accessories.  For me, these things really represent the Bubblegoth style.

© Tokyo Fashion

High soled shoes are a BubbleGoth must.  These are found most popularly on Ebay, however Converse are making their own wedged classics. They are calling these bad boys Max Stars.  If you’re feeling more ‘bubble’ than ‘goth’, you can purchase these beauties in arrange of pastel colours!

Again, delving into the delights of Ebay, we have the Japanese influence shining through with this cute as heck panda handbag.  These also come in plush versions, although some people might find ripping open a teddy and stuffing it with their daily needs a little sinister, but: that’s the idea!

Source: Ebay

Anything that you can spot that is potentially a symbol of darkness or y’know, something transgressive but drenched in pastel paint, is always a good BubbleGoth idea.  For example, a miniaturised, mint green AK47 to wear as a ring, or a lemon yellow skull necklace (both of which do exist and are googleable).  It’s all about teaming up opposing themes.

This gorgeous fascinator can be found at

Source: Kiss My Cherry

Kiss My Cherry and comes in many different colours and styles.  Fascinators are a brilliant touch to an otherwise plain outfit, and teaming up the dark pirate skull and crossbones with a pretty polka-dot bow makes it extra Bubblegoth.

BubbleGoth hair:

Here are some hair tutorials that you can adopt into your every day fashion, and some to use if you are going on a night out or to a festival.

Adding BubbleGoth to your outfit…
In terms of entire outfits, here are some of the prominent BubbleGoth influences that you can mix and match at your leisure. Try adding a few of these to your regular wardrobe.

Japanese Influence: Lolita pigtails, Lolita dresses, lace socks, parasols

© Gothstore.com
© Pairfaitdoll.com

Heavy Metal Influence: Band tees teamed with soft accessories, patches on pastel denim, spiked jewellery

© Happyfans,com

Renaissance Influence: Tall hair, lace gloves, exaggerated make up, corsets

Dark Goth Influence: Leather corsets, dark make up, spikes, PVC, long coats, black, whole finger rings

© resoundthehorn.blogspot.com
© Yandi.com

Rave Influence: hair springs, false dreadlocks, neon coloured tops, lights in clothes, white, tutus

Industrial Influence: metallic looking clothing, contact lenses, scaffold piercings, high soled shoes

I hope this weeks issue of Geek Street has indeed been geeky enough.  Many of the things I have listed above need not cost you the earth.  I firmly believe in making/creating as many of your own outfits as possible, and by stitching, glueing, adding, ripping and dyeing your own stuff, you can truly put your own stamp upon your wardrobe, meaning nobody out there will have anything like what you’ve created.

So go ahead, buy some cheap key ingredients on Ebay, (like the Kanekalon false hair to make your own neon dreads, the lace for your rhinestone studded gloves, the Black PVC corset to wear underneath your pretty knitted pastel cardie…) and get creative.  Don’t forget… BubbleGoth isn’t just about finding cultural clues to add to your wardrobe, it’s about taking polar opposites and holding them up against each other.  Wear your hair like they did in the French Revolution, but make sure you wear your silver leggings.

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