The Dallas News reports that Larry Hagman had given into cancer on Friday (November 23) at Medical City in Dallas. His family said that there have been recent complications in his battle with cancer, Hagman announced back in October 2011 that he had cancer.

In a touching statement from his family, they commented that “Larry was back in his beloved Dallas re-enacting the iconic role he loved most,” and went onto say that all of Larry’s friends and family had been with him for Thanksgiving; “Larry’s family and close friends had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday. When he passed, he was surrounded by loved ones. It was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for.

Bobby and JR Ewing © TNT

Although having played many roles Hagman rose to fame in his role as Major Anthony Nelson in the 1965 television show; I Dream of Jeanie but it wasn’t until he played his iconic and most well known role as J.R. Ewing in 1978 that he really shot to fame, a role that he has played in many forms of Dallas over the years including the popular spin-off; Knots Landing and even more recently the TNT reboot which is centred on the children of both Ewing brothers.

TNT recently renewed the rebooted series for a second season however it is currently unknown what will now happen to the television show.

For me personally I will always remember Larry Hagman for his role as J.R. Ewing, when I was growing up in the 80’s I used to sit with my Mum and watch Dallas and the story line of ‘Who Shot Jr?” and the final season’s finale where the Devil tries to convince Jr to take his own life, being standout moments for me. When Hagman made a two episode appearance in Desperate Housewives in 2011 I was over the moon and hoped for more from his character and although his character only lasted two episodes; TNT answered my prays and brought the Ewing brothers back for the rebooted series this year for ten episodes and although it was obvious he was aging he still wore the mischievous character of J.R. very well.

Larry Hagman will be missed by everyone here at GeeksUnleashed and we send our condolences to his family and friends.

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