With The Earth Above Us
Screenshot of WTEAU

With The Earth Above Us is a science fiction adventure set aboard the Melvin V, humans’ first interplanetary vessel. There seems to be an issue with the ship’s artificial intelligence system. The AI system known as SAM destroys a whole section of the Melvin but Sheridan, a maintenance engineer, comes under suspicion.

If you’re curious about the story you can read the whole first book for free.

All the art is black and white, which is OK. It gives the comic a dramatic retro feel to it, which is what author/artist Lee Milewski is going for. Melvin V is rather interesting, it’s shaped like an upside down bowler hat with three antennae poking up. The antennae looking structures appear to be the various wings of the ship. It’s a unique design.

The idea of rogue AI can make for some fun storytelling. It’ll be cool to see where Lee takes us.

With The Earth Above Us on Kickstarter

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