A few weeks ago, I posted my top geeky winter accessory picks for us ladies. (I can confirm that I myself am now a proud owner of a cutesy animal inspired hat…how can you say “no” to their cute little faces?!)


This week, it’s time for the boys.

Aren’t you excited, lads?

Temperatures are seriously dropping here in Merry Ol’England, so this is the perfect opportunity to let your inner fashion geek shine through! Accessorising doesn’t just have to be for the fashion conscious. The high street, and web are big places, brimming with ways for you to find something that will express your personality….

…last week, in a coffee shop, I saw an old man sporting a rather fetching baseball cap! You could just tell he was a dude!

So, here they are; my top accessory picks. Of course, these are things that I would choose to wear. You may have your own preferences, but hopefully you’ll see that there is something out there to suit everybody!


Source: Amazon

The minute I saw this hat from Amazon, I knew it had to be on my list…I absolutely LOVE Gears of War. I think it’s safe to say it is my favourite XBox 360 game of ALL TIME (I’m always Dom)!! This hat is great because not only does it have the COG logo…it’s reversible….I mean….how much cooler can a hat get?! Fashionable AND functional. The colours are great for this season too. Plus, this hat isn’t just limited to the colder months….beanies are lightweight enough to be worn all year round!

Source: Jinx

It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s got pixels…. It’s a Minecraft hat!!!

Yay…or should I say “Sssssssssss”

Yes, it may be neon green, but just look at this hat. It’s amazing!! And perfect for any Minecraft fan out there. The colour is bold, and will create a massive impact when you wear it. You certainly won’t go unnoticed. This beanie is great for any of you guys out there who want to stand out from the crowd and get noticed! Bold, Bright, B-eautiful!

This hat is definitely not for the faint hearted!


Source: Etsy
Seller: TheSilkMoon

I found this scarf on Etsy when I was researching for the Winter Warmers article I did for us ladies. The print is really subtle, and the colour subdued, so I think it’s perfect for guys who want to express their geeky side, but don’t want to do it in an ostentatious way. It’s a great unisex scarf, and would look good on anybody…and you can wear it as a scarf, or a scarf/hat combo…what more could you ask for, really?

Source: Forbidden Planet

Yes…you’re right, I did feature a Harry Potter scarf on my Winter Warmers article last time, but I just couldn’t help but feature one again. I think there is no better way to wish yourself into the amazing world of magic, Muggles and madness than to own a Harry Potter scarf. And this one from Forbidden Planet is so reasonably priced…you could collect all four houses! There’s a scarf to suit everybody!

Which house would the Sorting Hat put you in?


Source: ASOS

Aztec prints have been around in fashion for a while now. These gloves from ASOS are a good example of how to pull off the look, without being too in-your-face! I love the almost pixel-ated (new word right there) look of these gloves. They remind me of Space Invaders for some reason! They’re fingerless too, so using your smartphone/laptop/other technological device is NOT going to be a problem!


Source: Play

These gloves are ingenious! I love the fact that somebody had the clever idea to create gloves that you can use with touchscreens! I actually want to hug that person!! These gloves look sleek and chic too, so tick a lot of boxes! And…personally, I’m a sucker for a guy in dark gloves….they remind me of something a spy would wear!

So, there you have it; my top winter accessory picks! I have tried to be as varied as I can, and choose pieces that will appeal to the masses!

And with the run up to the festive season approaching, some of these would be great for stocking fillers! *wink*

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