Aquaman #14 marks the prelude to ‘Throne of Atlantis’, by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Paul Pelletier, a crossover with Justice League.

With two half brothers at war and a kingdom’s throne at risk, expect powerful idols to take up arms in what’s being described as an epic battle.

“This winter, it’s not safe to go in the water”.

In an interview with USA Today Geoff Johns states “it’s the Justice League going up against Atlantis” and the complexities of that – “what Atlantis is, why they attack…is really the heart of the story”.

Johns promises “we’re about to get answers…and Aquaman’s going to have to make some decisions that the League won’t necessarily agree with”.

Jim Lee departs as Justice League artist, Ivan Reis and colourist Joe Prado take over, who worked with Johns on Green Lantern.

Expect many a change to the relationships within the Justice League, establishing plot points which will lead into ‘Trinity War’ in the new year.

Aquaman #14 is released today, Wednesday November 28.

The checklist:

  • November – Prelude: Aquaman #14
  • December – Part I: Justice League #15 and Part II: Aquaman #15
  • January – Part III: Justice League #16 and Part IV: Aquaman #16
  • February – Part V: Justice League #17

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