Florence Welch and Mick Jagger at the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert © msn.com
Florence Welch and Mick Jagger at the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert © msn.com

Florence, Eric and the Rolling Bones: Half a Century of Wild Horses

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton saddled-up with redheaded soul-singer Florence Welch to join rock and roll royalty the Rolling Stones for a gig at the 02 Arena. A significant moment in musical history, the concert was organised to celebrate the band’s 50th – yes, 50th – anniversary.

Whether anybody realised that 2012 is also the 50th anniversary of Clapton’s debut is unclear…

Joe Jackson In a ‘Serious Condition’

Joe Jackson, the father of the late Michael Jackson, was pronounced as being in a, ‘serious condition’ after being rushed to hospital with a stroke. Mr Jackson, 84, is being cared for in Les Vegas. His wife, Katherine, is said to be at his side.

The Boss: He Sure Is

This week NME nominated Bruce Springsteen as the greatest live performer of all time. Says it all really.

Apple of my iTunes: Media Platform Redesigned 

The new iTunes 11 © Daily Telegraph
The new iTunes 11 © Daily Telegraph

It’s finally here… despite being announced in September. Imaginatively called iTunes 11, this radically different offering uses an ‘edge-to-edge’ design for enhanced usability and increased aesthetic gratification. But let’s be fair. Never before has Apple entirely revamped its iTunes platform, preferring to fiddle around with add-ons and minor changes that the average user never even noticed. But the all-singing, all-dancing (and highly attractive) 11 has the capacity to customise each album, movie or TV show in the user’s library. Not only that, but it also has an ‘up next feature’ as well as being able to play music directly from the iCloud.

Let’s hope that it can also do my dishes…

Country and Domestic: Keith Urban on Married Life

Country superstar Keith Urban has revealed that his marriage to Nicole Kidman has had a ‘profound’ influence on his life. Australian-born Urban was once famed as a heavy drinker and wild child before settling down with the former Mrs. Cruise in 2006.

…and finally

The John Lennon jockstrap © NME
The John Lennon jockstrap © NME

Rock and roll hate figure, Yoko Ono, has released an LED jockstrap in memory of her late husband, John Lennon. The collection features designs based on a collection of ‘Fashions For Men’ drawings she exchanged with Lennon as a wedding gift in 1969. Which is of course very interesting, but more importantly it might finally explain what the experimental racket Carnival of Light was all about…

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