As we know Google Chrome is now one of the most popular browsers, and one of the most preferred and widely used options here are their extensions which are available in a wide variety and used as per our requirement.

Are you a Blogger and Using Google Chrome? Then here are the 10 best (in my opinion) Google Chrome Extensions which you actually need. These Chrome Extensions will also make it easy to find the extensions which actually you need.

Alexa Traffic Rank :

This is the Official Extension by Alexa is an important factor in the success of a blog, and we can also say that a blog with a good Alexa rank has good traffic. This Extension Provides the Alexa Traffic Rank, Traffic Rank in the Specified Country, Site Linking in, Site Reviews in Alexa, Search Analytics, Wayback Machine, Related Links and also the Website Speed.

Download this Extension Here

SEO for Chrome :

As everyone knows, SEO is the most important factor in Blogging. With this extension, we can access some easy SEO tools. It provides the details of pages indexed in the various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also provides the details about Backlinks, Pagerank, Alexa, Social Media, Cache and many more.

Download this Extension Here

Awesome Screenshot : Capture & Annotate

This is an Extension where we can Capture and annotate the whole Web Page, or we can Crop up to some extent. We can annotate the image with Lines, Rectangle, Circles, and Text. We can also use blur to hide some sensitive information in the Image. We can save the image permanently or temporarily online. We can access the saved image by the URL provided by Awesome Screenshot.

Download this Extension Here

Daily Stats for Google Analytics :

This is the best extension for a user to check their blog’s Analytics. This extension uses OAuth to grant access to your Analytics data through your Google account. So, we have to grant the access to our account, and the OAuth access token can be revoked at anytime in your Google settings. We can see Account name, Visits, Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time on Site, % New Visits, Visitors by installing this extension.

Download this Extension Here

WordPress Stats :

Nowadays, many bloggers are using WordPress, and many are shifting to WordPress as this is the best blogging platform. Many of us see the stats regularly by logging into the WordPress Admin Panel. This Extension helps us to get all the stats without logging into Admin Panel. Here we can see the referrers, Top Posts Visited, Search Terms and Clicks. With this extension, we need to enter our WordPress API to get these stats.

Download this Extension Here

Google Publisher Toolbar (by Google) :

This is Extension is where a user can check their blog’s earnings. The Google Publisher Toolbar gives Adsense publishers two easy ways to access real-time information about their accounts and the ads hosted on their websites. This also gives Account earnings summary, Top 5 custom channels, Top 5 URL channels and Lifetime revenue.

Download this Extension Here


Bloggers always worried about their Google search position for a particular keyword. This Extension is a simple tool to check the position of a site for a particular keyword. You can also specify the other sites to check their ranking for the same keyword. For example, on the sample image you can see Wikipedia ranking #1 and Amazon ranking #77 for the keyword “LCD”. Here the results are now permanently stored (on your browser) and can be browsed on the “results” page anytime.

Download this Extension Here URL Shortener :

This Extension is used to shorten your URLs so that it is easy to share. Every blogger knows about URL Shortener. This is the same extension of which was developed by a with their open API. Here you can shorten your URL’s without going to their site. In this extension you will also get a QR Code of your blog post and also you can share the post in facebook and twitter.

Download this Extension Here

The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search :

Bloggers tend to use stock photos in their posts, and they are mostly taken from Flickr. This Extension will help us to search Free Stock Photos. This includes Half a Billion Free Stock Photos and Illustrations from over 200 free imagery websites. These Images are from the sites like Flickr and Wikimedia Commons,, PhotoXpress, Dreamstime free library, Fotolia, 123RF free libraries. This is great (and almost a must) because without license rights to the images, you are liable to a lawsuit.

Download this Extension Here

Wise Stamp :

Every blogger wants to establish their blog as a brand. So they should have a professional email signature that connects people. This Extension enables us to share your social profiles and promote the latest post of your blog or some other information in each email you send. This extension allows you to easily Link to our Social Profiles, Promote our latest G+, Pinterest, eBay item, Blog post, Latest tweet and also our Blog or Company’s Logo.

Download this Extension Here


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