I’ve been enjoying Hawkeye and I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback on the title by Matt Fraction so I’m really excited about this issue.  Artist David Aja returns to Hawkeye for this holiday themed issue! After the conclusion of The Tape, Clint is in dire need of a vacation, but will his break from action turn out as planned? Issue #6 hits stores on December 19th, the preview is below – let us know what you think:

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  1. I think it’s one of Marvel’s best series in the last decade – it’s up there with Bendis/Maleev’s run on Daredevil and Brubaker/various’ Captain America. Long may it continue!

  2. This comic is one of the best new releases of 2012. No doubt. I’m not really a fan of Fraction’s work but he is doing brilliant stuff here. And with the artwork of Aja, it’s a beautiful book. I’ve just read issue 4 (part 1 of The Tape) and even without Aja it’s still a great book. In fact Javier Pulido’s art complements Aja’s art really well and I think it will be good to have these two artists sharing duties.

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