It’s unbelievable that The Vaccines have been around since 2010 and already have two  extremely solid, publicly acclaimed full-lengths under their belts, a massive fan base and the amounts of recognition some bands need ages to get. Just a coincidence?  Hardly. Bucketfuls of talent? Most likely. Just in their second year The Vaccines release a sophomore record and while their debut ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’ was a purely indie offering, on the second LP ‘Come Of Age’ The Vaccines go all sleak rock ‘n’ roll.

When the musicians stated that they no longer wanted to be an indie band, they meant it. ‘Come Of Age’ is an edgy, gritty effort with distinct  touches of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not a purely indie album, and at the same time not an entirely rock record. It seems that ‘Come Of Age’ is sitting on the fence between the two genres without knowing which direction to choose, so it makes nods towards either this, or that direction by taking all the best from both styles and mixing them skillfully, presenting a variety of moods, tempos, influences. It’s bold rock ‘n’ roll – daring, sexy and explosive, dancy one moment, heavy another and moody – the third. Fizzy guitars are extremely naughty and lively, never standing in one place and shining with a swinging attitude. Rhythm section forms a solid, firm backbone and provides stable support for all the mischief. There’s a very peculiar combination of introverted, self-exploratory, sometimes sarcastic and poisonous, but always witty lyrics with musical arrangements which are great fun and lively most of the time. The opener ‘No Hope’ bursts into your ears with loud roughness and provides dancing motives during the whole track. ‘I Always Knew’ combines gloomy, reflective verses with energetic, galloping choruses. Whining guitars of ‘Teenage Icon’ are daring, rhythmical and challenge just what seems to be the whole world, but that changes with bluesy touch of ‘All In Vain’ switching the handle to light, but moody mode. Despite its name ‘Ghost Town’ comes alive with loud boogie-woogie spirits and ‘Aftershave Ocean’ plays it soft and delicate, but not without a firm pivot. ‘Weirdo’ is a stripped back offering with fogginess, sadness and feelings of being lost. ‘Bad Mood’ possesses a rebellious reverbing sound of such a calibre that it is probably the best way to kill your own bad mood and dance your feet off. ‘Change Of Heart Pt. 2’ is intense, emotional and ‘I Wish I Was A Girl’ is dreamy and leisurely. The record closer ‘Lonely World’ is full of uncertainty, desolation, gloom and gets a powerful final grip on listeners before wrapping up this striking album.

The Vaccines have definitely come of age with this new record of theirs. They have introduced a very striking change to their sound and by adding this sexy edge, they’ve made a new step in their development, a new change which is very exciting to watch indeed. Want spicy indie rock? Welcome to the world of The Vaccines.

Published by Mark Brassington

Father and Husband. Works in Corporate Banking. Loves Books, Comics, Cycling, Music, Games, going to the Gym and Writing.

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