Peter-Pan-The-Graphic-Novel Renae De Liz is setting out to adapt the classic tale of Peter Pan to graphic novel form. Renae and her husband, Ray Dillon, worked together on adapting The Last Unicorn for IDW. Peter Pan will be released in three parts to fully explore the story that J.M. Barrie wrote.

Check out Renae’s work. You will not be disappointed. She’s rocking those skills like a boss.

Renae seems to be a real Peter Pan enthusiast. I like that she wants to tell the complete story, including background information from the prequel story, without altering (and sometimes ruining) the story like most modern adaptations. It’s always a treat for fans when a piece of work is taken on by a true fan, especially one with proven talent.

The Kickstarter page includes of lot of eye candy – Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and even a glimpse at the Pirates!

Check out the Peter Pan Kickstarter page.

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