TDKRFor a full movie review, which I largely agree with, see Mark’s review HERE.

To paraphrase Bane, it is hope that hurts us most. However, despite high expectations and its length, I thoroughly enjoyed the third instalment of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, whilst acknowledging that it doesn’t exceed the high watermark of The Dark Knight.

The anti-capitalist sentiment was of particular note, given that it was dichotomic – comment, mainly by Selina Kyle, is permitted, however action will only result in anarchy.

Somewhat more problematic was the multiple false ending – it didn’t feel in keeping with the trilogies tone.

These however are minor quibbles.

Credit to all involved, except Michael Caine, whose amateur dramatics should have been curtailed.

Perhaps Joseph Gordon-Levitt said it best “I’m still a believer in the Batman”.

And to the additional content – marvel at all five Batmbolies together for the first time in history. And what art project is complete without time-lapse photography? See the reconstruction of the Batcave in this tired method.

More interesting is the Prologue: High Altitude Hijacking- in which we learn how Nolan and his filmmaking team staged the film’s opening sequence, the Batman vs Bane feature, in which the filmmakers (again) and actors reveal how they planned and shot the epic fight sequences between the two giants and the War on Wall Street, a mere glimpse of the planning and coordination in that epic battle.

There’s a special feature regards the Chant, where Hans Zimmer and Nolan discuss its creation and the score in general. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what he’s done for Man of Steel, given how iconic John Williams’ original score was.

And finally The End of A Legend – the final thoughts regards working on The Dark Knight Rises and what it was like to be a part of it.

A worthy addition to any collection.

See here:

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