Stephen, Jo and I each week take pick three comics out of this that weeks comics and recommend them to you as ones to watch out for. Some are well-known and others not so much. This is this weeks ones to watch out for:

Stephen: Avengers #1 – Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena

Is this the biggest title in the Marvel NOW onslaught so far? Probably yes. It’s certainly the title that’s got most people very excited. The fact that Jonathan Hickman has been given writing duties on Marvel’s premier super-team is something that has pleased many Marvel fans. The preview images that have been released of Jerome Opena’s interior pencils look absolutely spectacular. Dustin Weaver’s awesome interlocking covers for issues 1, 2 & 3? Icing on the cake.

Avengers #1 © Marvel Comics
Avengers #1 © Marvel Comics

Jo: Hellboy in Hell #1 – Mike Mignola Dave Stewart

The long promised and awaited return of creator Mike Mignola is here, with Dave Stewart on colouring duties. Hellboy in Hell sees our hero cast into the realm of the dead, where he can expect to find many a familiar face and an awaiting throne. Secrets will be revealed in a story which has taken inspiration from Pandaemonium – Hell’s capital in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Therefore expect the Beast of the Apocalypse to encounter the weird and wonderful in his new abode.

hellboy in hell
Hellboy In Hell #1 © Dark Horse

Mark: Thunderbolts #1 – Daniel Way & Steve Dillon

It looks like Daniel Way is far from done with our Merc with a Mouth and Steve Dilion is no stranger to the Punisher either. Back in 1997 there was this event that ran through most Marvel titles called Onslaught and at the conclusion of the event the Marvel Universe lost most of Heroes to ‘Counter Earth’ and from the ashes of that event rose The Thunderbolts with Justice like Lightning. Still to this day the first issue had of the biggest shockers to ever grace a comic book. I’ve always been a big fan of The Thunderbolts but lost interest recently and when I heard that the previous Thunderbolts was being rebranded as The Dark Avengers I partially concerned that they were gone for good and also cautiously excited that a Thunderbolts reboot was around the corner. Luckily the latter came true and will be led by General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross as he recruits a new generation of Thunderbolt. Since Marvel NOW was announced and the teasers and promotional images were released this is the one title I’ve been really looking forward to.

Thunderbolts #1 © Marvel

What will you be buying?

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