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©Goodreads, Inc.

So the results of the Goodreads Choice Awards have finally come out! As I perused the list of winners, I was a bit ashamed I’d only actually read two of the books on that list. Okay, so I’d only read 1 and ½ books on the list.

Coming in at the lead of Fiction was JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. That just happens to be the book I’ve only gotten halfway through. I’m a Literature girl at heart, but even I’m having a hard time swallowing this book. I haven’t finished it so I can’t exactly give me opinion, as it isn’t fair to either reader or author; books have been known to get better the further in you are. I, however, at this point can’t help but think that this has a lot to do with the notoriety her name brings and less to do with the book.

I was very happy to see Veronica Roth’s Insurgent made the list twice, nailing both the Goodreads Author spot as well as the Young Adult Fantasy spot. I haven’t had a chance to read it, but I have bought it and it is in my pile. I was quite impressed with her first book Divergent, so it’s not surprise to me that her second book ended up on the list this year.

Finally, in Romance, EL James’ Fifty Shades Freed snagged the Romance category. That’s no surprise there either. I mean, my friendly book store representatives told me the book flew off the shelves faster than any they’d ever seen. But, we all know what happens when you give a book like Fifty Shades to a literary fiend. Oh, you don’t? Well, there’s a delightfully fun and fair article on Geeks Unleashed if you’d like to check it out.

To see the whole list in all its glory, click here.
It also has lists of how the nominees fared as well.

But, I’ll warn you, there are a lot of popular authors on there. I would have really liked to see lesser known titles up there. I really just wish that the winners were not from the books that I’d seen in the big displays at the bookstores I frequent. It’s like they’ve told us what to like. Big publishing houses pay big bucks to have those good spots in the bookstore. The only other way to garnish one of those spots is to get in good with your local bookstore owners and schmooze your way into having one of “bookseller’s selections” spots. It goes without saying your book has to be one they’d like as well.

So my lovely writers and readers, I hope this list pleases you. Any thoughts on the outcomes? Did you agree with the other 1,156,852 voters?

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