Clone #2 © Image Comic s
Clone #2 © Image Comic s

Writer: David Schulner
Artist: Juan Jose Ryp,
Colourist: Felix Serrano
Publisher: Image
On Sale: December 12, 2012
Price: $2.99

The second issue of new SKYBOUND imprint from Image Comics does something that a lot of comics and television shows go out of their way to avoid and actually answers questions. Modern day story telling means you need to wait 75 issues or six seasons to actually get to the truth or in some cases you never get any answers at all. Yes Lost I’m looking at you!

I enjoyed the first issue although fast past and teased story lines rather than telling you much it laid down the ground work for an exciting world. The first issue opened with Luke being shot whilst cutting to another Luke (who I’ll refer to as ‘Our Luke’) with his wife Ameila who are building a crib as she is heavily pregnant. Very quickly Luke’s world is turned on its head as the following day he discovers the shot Luke on the kitchen floor. Whilst his wife is kidnapped by a different Luke. Sounds confusing but for David Schulner the writer of this comic and his very first comic it was well written and managed the very quick cuts between scenes.

So the second issue which is due out this week on 12th December 2012, slows it down drastically and manages to maintain the excitement of issue one and shocked me by telling me what the hell was going on but I would imagine that they’re taking the Fringe route by answering questions only to give us more questions. Schulner has satisfied me enough that I’m happy with the direction of the story. What I liked about the story was the government conspiracy angle and the vote to legally ban cloning with one politician dealing with a very difficult dilemma.

Our Luke is quickly introduced to a whole room of clones of Luke (who may or not be the original) and nine pages in we’re told all about the cloning program and how they were separated, the government thought they would never find out about each and I laughed that they all discovered each due to Facebook. Which I thought was a great comment to add. The ending of the book I didn’t see coming and was shocked by the actions of “our Luke” and ended with a great cliffhanger ending.

The art team of Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano rocked! They delivered in areas of art from realistic facial expressions, blending fast paced action with slower conversation moments, even the skins tones were extremely well done. A lot of effort has been put into the art work making this one of the most beautiful comics on the stands of 2012.

If Clone continues down this road of improving with every issue this will truly be one hell of a fantastic science fiction action adventure. In summary this comic is Looper meets the Bourne Identity and I can’t recommend this title enough.

Rating: Rejected/Resisted/Recommended/Required

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