Gail Simone has confirmed on Twitter that she has been informed by Brian Cunningham, the Batgirl Editor that she will no longer be writing Batgirl. This follows last weeks dramatic exit by Karen Berger as Vertigo Comics Editor. She followed the announcement up by commenting “It is baffling and sad, I will probably have a statement later today or maybe tomorrow.” She then went onto thank other Batgirl creators, previous editors, fans who’ve made the series a “commercial and critical success” as well as the retailers themselves.

Batgirl © DC Comics
Batgirl © DC Comics

When viewing the various tweets that have followed fan reaction has clearly been shocked by this move and Gail has commented that she was getting chocked up by the response.

As there has been no official word from DC Comics or announcement from Gail on the reasoning behind this and it is also unknown what her last issue will be, February solicitations show Gail as writing issue #17 and March solicitations are due this week. Gail has been writing the character of Barbara Gordon for a decade starting with Birds of Prey #56 in 2003. This now leaves Gail without a title at DC after exiting Fury of Firestorm after issue #7. 

On a personal note I feel that this is travesty after Gail Simone has written this character for decade a polite phone call rather than an email exit would have been kinder. This is also one of my favourite DC Comics titles out there right now and it’s clear from Gail Simone’s writing of the character and her supporting characters that she really understands Barbara Gordon. I for one will be sad to see her exit.

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